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Weather Update - Glastonbury Festival 2017

Latest weather forecast for Glastonbury 2017 – will it be the sunnies or the wellies?

From heatwaves causing sunstroke to mud-baths created by downpours, Glastonbury Festival is famed for its unpredictable weather.

For anyone who was at last year’s Glastonbury Festival, the mere thought of mud probably still fuels your insomnia while keeping you awake at nights, not to mention the infamous 2005 washout, which in turn created the legendary mud-fest. So what is predicted for 2017? Sunglasses or wellies?

Just a quick heads up before we delve deeper into the specifics.
It is best you prepare yourself for anything as it does seem this year will be a mixed bag of sunshine and possible rain, however, it certainly doesn’t look like the washout that greeted Glastonbury-goers upon arrival last year, especially taking into account the week before looks like it’ll be sun-soaked.

Below is the latest weather forecast as of Tuesday (June 13).

Brace yourselves, here we go…

Wednesday 21 June
If you’re an early bird, you’ll be greeted with sunshine at highs of 23 degrees. Either way, it suggests pitching your tent will be a rain-less endeavor.

Thursday 22 June
The prediction according to Metcheck is no rain for the day as the majority of the festival-goers arrive, that being said, it is not looking like there’ll be much sun either – the entire day will be covered in clouds. Accuweather isn’t as optimistic predicting a 75% chance of showers.

Friday 23 June
According to Metcheck, the day the main stages start blasting the speakers and what many consider the first official day is more of the same with Accuweather blaring the eagerness with a prediction of “some showers.” Please note that the temperature will plummet as the evening dawns (apparently less than ten degrees) so don’t forget your warm layers in case you need to cover up.

Saturday 24 June
Accuweather and Metcheck both concur that Saturday will be a rain-free affair in spite of the temperature reaching lows of as six degrees. That’s after a day of 21-degree heat, after all, so that’s pretty decent.

Sunday 25 June
The forecast indicates that the festival’s final day will be akin to Saturday which means one thing, or two simple words: NO RADIN!

The Met Office are yet to release detailed predictions for the weekend, nonetheless, this is what they have to say on their latest Weather Story:

Looking ahead, this pattern of weather is likely to continue, albeit without such high temperatures. Dry and settled conditions should persist into the early part of next week with the north and particularly the north west remaining more changeable with a mix of rain and sunny spells.  So, it’s currently too early to say what weather to expect for those heading for Glastonbury Festival the following weekend.

Let us just summarise by saying – although it appears that this year’s Glastonbury won’t be plagued by ominous downpours, intermittent showers seem eminent throughout the first few days before a relatively sunny weekend.

As always, you need to pack for everything, both the hat and sunnies as well as the poncho and wellies.

Watch this space for more weather updates, as this is all liable to change with every passing day.


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