Lime Kiln Ground

Location: The most northerly point of the festival
Nearest Area: Silver Hayes aka Dance Village
Nearest Stage: John Peel
Walk to Pyramid: Approx. 10-15 Minutes
Access Tip: Enter the site via one of the Western Gates A or D.

Adjacent to Hitchin Hill you’ll find Lime Kiln Ground, which is the northerly point of the site available to camp at and closest to the fence at the top of the hill. Like with the neighbouring field, you will be exposed to magnificent vistas if you choose to make Hitchin Hill your home for the duration of the festival. That said, it is a lengthy uphill plod back to your tent every night.

The Pros:

  • Like Hitchin Hill (above), tends to be quieter due to being located on the periphery of the site.
  • Has an excellent view south across the site including fantastic views of the legendary Glastonbury Tor.
  • Ideal for late arrivals as it doesn’t fill up as quickly as the other fields.

The Cons:

  • This would not be a wise choice for those who like the party-night-life, as you rebound back to camp after a long day’s rave will be an uphill toil back to your tent.
  • The festival night-life areas are what can seem like a lifetime walk away, thus, not recommended for all you night owls out there who like to party until the early morning hours.
  • Beware of those slops.


This would suit those who prefer the occasional quiet pause from the festive fun while having a “leg-day” workout turning a “leg-day” workout weekend.