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6 signs that place Madonna as strongest rumoured headliner for Glastonbury 2019

6 signs that place Madonna as strongest rumoured headliner for Glastonbury 2019

Could Madonna actually be set to headline Glastonbury 2019?

The rumour of Madonna headlining Glastonbury Festival has been doing the Glasto Roumer Mill rounds for quite some time now.

Here are 6 signs of why we think Madonna is by far the strongest rumoured headliner for Glastonbury 2019 so far.

[mks_highlight color=”#EB2428″]#1[/mks_highlight] Follow the breadcrumbs 

Earlier this year Glastonbury organiser Emily Eavis had followed Madonna on her personal official Instagram account. While having over 35,000 followers herself, Eavis is shown to follow only a select handful of accounts, with a large majority being a combination of previous headliners and major performers, alongside other various prominent Glastonbury members.

[mks_highlight color=”#EB2428″]#2[/mks_highlight] Often times the hype is real

As you have probably heard by now, it is reported that Madonna is in talks to headline Glastonbury 2019.

A Glastonbury insider told The Sun‘s Bizarre column: “Preparations are already well underway after they’ve taken this year off, and Michael and his ­daughter Emily Eavis want to make it better than ever.

“They have always been massive fans of Madonna and know she would put on an unforgettable show.
“It was really important that they had a diverse line-up for the 2019 festival after criticism of previous ones.

“Thanks to all her huge hits, they are convinced that she would be a real crowd pleaser on the Pyramid Stage.”

[mks_highlight color=”#EB2428″]#3[/mks_highlight] A lack of female artists

Emily Eavis has previously said that she “wants to address the imbalance”. While going on to tell the NME that: “It’s a long-term project and we’re trying to get the message through to everyone who’s booking bands across the festival.

“For some stage bookers, it’s harder because it’s not a conscious thing. If the stage happens to be all male, you could just say that’s the way it turned out.

“We say you have to really think about it and try and be conscious of the balance when you’re booking. We’re making progress.

“We are on top of it. Sometimes it means people booking acts who are slightly more out of genre [than] they’re comfortable with.”

[mks_highlight color=”#EB2428″]#4[/mks_highlight] A new album set to drop later this year

The Queen of Pop is hard at work on her 14th album and even performed a new song called “Beautiful Game” at the Met Gala last month.

In addition to that, she posted a boomerang video of her dancing in the studio which was hashtagged “finally enough love.”, followed by another tweet on June 5 that reads: “Cooking Up something Yummy today.”

[mks_highlight color=”#EB2428″]#5[/mks_highlight] Solid hits EVERYBODY KNOWS 

A great Pyramid Stage headliner boasts a breadth of well-known hits, which is something that can definitely be said about this 59-year-old Madge.

[mks_highlight color=”#EB2428″]#6[/mks_highlight] The “Like A Virgin” icon has never played Glastonbury before!

Glastonbury Festival boss, Michael Eavis, dropped a massive hint earlier this year at the annual NME Awards regarding the lined up acts for 2019.

He said: “two or three” of the marquee acts being lined up have never played the festival before.

And with that, we rest our case. What do you think?

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