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Basil Brush announces 2022 tour dates curbing perfectly shaped Glastonbury-gap

Basil Brush announces 2022 tour dates curbing perfectly shaped Glastonbury-gap

The beloved red fox looks highly likely to return to Worthy Farm with Mr Martin for the 2022 Festival – Boom Boom!

Basil Brush has announced new tour dates for 2022.

Looking at the Basil Brush Show / Unleashed schedule  – which kicks off on 16th February and concludes on 20th November 2022 – it is hard to avoid the “To Be Announced” perfectly shaped Glastonbury-gap, from the 20th till the 27th of June.

Sharing the news via his official Twitter account this afternoon (26 January), Brush said: “WOW!!! We’re going to need a bigger year Mr Martin! Not much space left but I’m sure we can fit a few more shows if fans want them? See you all soon either for our family show or ‘Unleashed’ Again!! BOOM! BOOM!”

Mr Martin, also known as Martin Cabble-Reid added: “We had our first production meeting yesterday and it’s all systems go for 2022. A few dates we aren’t allowed to announce just yet (I think the dates give it away though) But we will be on the road with our Family Show and UNLEASHED for grown-ups, again. Come say hello!”

Taking into account that the two self confirmed for playing the 2021 Festival before it was forced to cancel due to the coronavirus, it is highly likely that Glastonbury 2022 and the Kidzfield, in particular, will see the return of Basil Brush and his trusted sidekick Mr Martin.

Cabble-Reid has been performing in the Basil Brush Show for over 4 years while travelling all over the UK performing at Holiday parks, shopping centres and festivals including four days at Glastonbury in the prestigious Kidzfield in 2017 & 2019.

Back in 2020 when the duo announced that they will be returning to Glastonbury Festival’s Kidzfield for 2021, Cabble-Reid said: “A lovely morning back with me old mate filming for Glastonbury & BBC bits & bobs. I can’t even comprehend the lack of a Glasto festival this year Loudly crying facePouting face Anyway, we will be back in the kids field in 2021 and it will be all the more wonderful”.

Meanwhile, as of the time of writing, Diana RossBillie Eilish and R.A.E are the only artists to have been officially confirmed for playing Glastonbury Festival when it returns in 2022.

Ms Ross will be taking to the Pyramid Stage for the Sunday teatime Legends Slot, while Eilish will be playing the same stage on the Friday night – which will subsequently make her the Festival’s youngest ever solo headliner.

The first line-up poster taster for Glastonbury 2022 will probably not be unveiled by the Festival’s officials until February / March (or perhaps even the beginning of April), with the full line-up usually being unveiled towards the end of May.

That being said, there are many artists who confirm themselves prior to the official announcements by divulging the news during interviews, via social media or website listings.

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Some of the recent artists to self-confirm for Glastonubry 2022 include Craig CharlesBlack Dyke Band and Monsieur Doumani – while Noel Gallagher said he will be up for playing if asked.

To view our constantly updated list of all the latest line-up announcements and rumours, click here.

Glastonbury 2022 is set to take place at its natural home in Worthy Farm, Pilton, Somerset, from Wednesday 22nd to Sunday 26th June.

Although tickets for the 2022 Festival have already sold out ahead of the 2020 cancelled event (with deposits paid for the 2020 Festival having rolled over for a second year), there are still ways to go to Glasto this summer.

Some of the opportunities include entering competitionsworking at the Festivalvolunteering or trying your luck in the spring resales which have yet to be officially confirmed (but will most likely take place sometime around March/April).

Please keep in mind that if and when tickets return to sale in a resale in the spring, you will need to have a festival registration to be able to buy one of these tickets.

To learn more about registration, the sale process and how you can maximise your chances of getting Glastonbury tickets, click here.

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