Glastonbury 2024 App by Vodafone is now available to download

Glastonbury 2024 App by Vodafone is now available to download

Vodafone has launched the new Official Glastonbury Festival App for 2024, packed with exciting, never-before-seen features, to give Glastonbury fans the ultimate experience at Worthy Farm.


Following the full line-up announcement including stage splits and times from earlier this week, the Festival has now released the official Glastonbury 2024 app — packed with “exciting, never-before-seen features, to give fans the ultimate experience at Worthy Farm”.

The application, created by Vodafone – and which can be downloaded from both the App Store and Google Play Store – is the only official app for the event and gives music fans the chance to stay connected with the latest live Festival updates, while navigating their way around the 1000-acre site and creating their own personalised line-ups to share and more.

For the first time ever, fans will be able to link their Spotify account to the official Glastonbury app, which will provide them with personalised recommendations on artists performing at the festival based on their listening habits.

When connected to their Spotify account, the app will serve users with their top 10 artists from the Line-up, in addition to a wider selection of recommendations via the Discover More option — This makes it perfect for discovering a hot new artist or spotting an existing favourite they may have missed in the packed line-up.

The new app also includes several major upgrades to the Line-up feature, including the addition for fans to be able to share their Line-up with friends within the app, allowing them to highlight their must-see acts, find out who their friends plan to see, and plan their day accordingly.

The new improved Line-up also highlights when one or more of your favourited artists overlap, helping festivalgoers prepare for those inevitable clashes, and make the most of this year’s amazing line-up and stacked schedule.

Further changes to the Line-up give fans the ability to: Pin their favourite stages to the top, saving them from scrolling down every time to find their favourite acts; View performances grouped by stage, so festivalgoers can plot out their schedule based on who’s nearby, while saving on walking time; and Share their chosen line-up on social media before and after the festival.

All-new Map Pinning is another headline feature, allowing festivalgoers to drop pins anywhere on their festival map and share them with their friends — This can be used to pin locations such as your tent and where you parked your car, as well as to set meeting points to regroup before big acts.

Further additions include new directional navigation for the Glastonbury Map, to help fans move between stages more easily, as well as the ability to filter the map for food stalls, camping shops and official merchandise stands, allowing foodies to track down their favourite Mexican, Thai, or veggie burgers with ease.

There are also a number of revamps to the Search & Accessibility features, helping fans easily search artists, find Glastonbury’s many accessible campsites and viewing platforms, and locate areas such as Deafzone and the Sensory Calm Space.

Rob Winterschladen, Consumer Director, Vodafone UK, said: “Glastonbury Festival is one of the premier events of the summer, and we want to make sure we deliver an app that helps visitors get the most out of the festival, along with connectivity to match.

“We’re delighted to have delivered not one, but a number of never-before-seen features to our 2024 Festival App. Map Pinning, Spotify integration and the upgraded Line-up features will massively benefit fans and make their Glastonbury experience even more seamless.”

Emily Eavis, Glastonbury Festival co-organiser, said “It’s great to see so many new features in this year’s Glastonbury App, and I hope it will enhance everyone’s experience of the festival, whether they’re watching at home or joining us at the farm.”

The Glastonbury Festival site overlooking The Park area and Ribbon Tower.
Glastonbury site overlooking The Park’s Ribbon Tower (2015) · Credit: Rachel D

Last year, Vodafone announced a multi-year partnership with Glastonbury as the ‘Festival’s Official Connectivity Partner’ and replaced EE, which up until 2022 was the event’s technology partner for the seventh year running.

As the Official Connectivity Partner, Vodafone has exclusive rights to the Festival and will use its network to deliver innovative experiences using cutting-edge technology throughout the partnership.

The British multinational telecom company’s network is said to be boosted to the highest capacity ever, “making it super reliable” to keep friends and families connected, whether they’re on-site in Somerset or watching from home — With data consumption hitting more than 169 terabytes in 2023, fast and reliable connectivity is more important than ever in order to keep fans connected to their friends and family, whether they’re watching from home or at the iconic Worthy Farm.

Along with hosting push notifications alerting users to announcements and live Festival updates, users of the new application will also be able to access Glastonbury’s on-site radio station, Worthy Farm FM, directly via the app — while providing essential information and entertainment for those travelling to and from the Festival as well as once they are on site.

Vodafone’s Connect & Charge tent (located in the centre of the site, close to The Other Stage, The Glade and The Pyramid Stage, and which can be found using the interactive in-app map) will also keep Festival-goers powered up and connected with free phone charging and WiFi available from 8am to 10pm on Thursday through to Sunday as they did last year.

People will also have the option of purchasing fully charged mobile battery packs before and during the Festival which can be exchanged daily for a fully charged one at Vodafone’s Connect & Charge — with additional exchange stations situated nearer to the campsites to make it more accessible for people at this year’s Festival. For every pack purchased, Vodafone will donate a pre-loaded SIM card to a local charity in Somerset, offering Glastonbury-goers a way to give back to the community.

Vodafone has launched the new Official Glastonbury Festival App for 2024, packed with exciting, never-before-seen features, to give Glastonbury fans the ultimate experience at Worthy Farm
Pyramid Stage crowd (2023) • Credit: Emma Peacock

Other Glasto News

Glastonbury Festival finally revealed the full line-up including stage splits and times for its 2024 event across more than 100 stages earlier this month (4th June), allowing ticket-holders to start planning their gig-going across the vast site — and those at home to prepare their watching and listening schedule via the BBC coverage.

Meanwhile, the first public version of the Glastonbury 2024 map was revealed on the 24th of May, ahead of this year’s highly anticipated festival, detailing some updates and changes to this year’s iteration.

The Festival also announced that the iconic Carhenge installation which returned to the Festival last year (36 years after Joe Rush first built the original sculpture at the event in 1987), will return once again to Worthy Farm this summer

Elsewhere, Block9 revealed its exciting programme for Glastonbury 2024 last month (24th May), with a roaring roster of acts and the return (after a five-year hiatus) of brutalist giant and outdoor dance arena, Genosys — alongside legendary venues NYC Downlow, Meat Rack, and IICON.

Block9's Genosys at Glastonbury 2014
Block9’s Genosys (2014) · Credit: Peter Podrowski

Arcadia also unveiled their 2024 line-up last month (22nd May), featuring a giant Dragonfly that will replace the Festival’s legendary Spider for this year’s edition.

The cinema tent, also known as Pilton Palais, then revealed its film and Q&A line-up for 2024 on the 20th of May, before Unfairground did so on the 17th of May, which followed Strummerville‘s reveal on the 16th of May.

The Free University of Glastonbury also dropped their programme on the 16th of May, saying: “It’s here! A selection of brilliant minds spewing words of wisdom and sultry sounds, to feed those hungry (and likely hungover) brains throughout the festival weekend… What a weekend it’s set to be.”

Before that, The Park area announced their line-up on the 15th of May at 12 noon, while confirming two new venues for this summer’s event; The Wishing Well and Scissors — which will replace the legendary Rabbit Hole, after 17 years of activity on site.

The Poetry & Words team also released their line-up poster for 2024 via their official Facebook page on the 14th of May – along with revealing some exciting plans for a new Spoken Word Theatre, which you can read all about here.

Other poster bills already released include Glasto Latino (13th May), Croissant Neuf (8th May), Theatre & Circus (6th May), KIdzfield (4th May), The Common (3rd May), Left Field (1st May), Woodsies (30th April), Silver Hayes (29th April), West Holts (26th April), The Glade (22nd April), Shangri-La (19th April), Field of Avalon (16th April) and Acoustic Stage – which was the first area to kick off the string of area announcements on the 12th of April.

Glastonbury 2024 lineup poster, designed by Stanley Donwood.
Glastonbury 2024 lineup poster · design: Stanley Donwood

Site Updates & Changes

Some other exciting updates and changes for Glastonbury 2024 include the introduction of a brand-new stage in the Shangri-La area, called Arrivals, which will be dedicated entirely to South Asian talent — as well as a renamed Peace stage (formerly Truth).

Silver Hayes will introduce a reimagined version of the former WOW stage in the form of a new indoor space called Assembly — in addition to a new wellness area called Room that will feature sound baths, meditation, yoga and more.

Other changes for 2024 include the new Tree Stage in the Woodsies area which is being described as: “A new outdoor venue, set beneath an oak tree décor canopy, zeroing into the immersive, ambient and experimental” — while The Park area has announced the departure of its legendary Rabbit Hole, which will make way for two brand-new venues; The Wishing Well and Scissors.

Glastonbury Camping Guide

When camping at Glastonbury Festival, remember; Each campsite has its pluses and minuses and every person has their varied wants and needs — it’s not a “one size fits all” scenario.

Your Glastonbury ticket price includes access to all the camping fields, which means you can choose to pitch your tent anywhere within the designated camping zones that reside throughout the Festival fields — spanning from right next to the Pyramid Stage, to more tranquil areas on the outskirts of the Festival.

Click here to view our comprehensive guide to choosing the best place for you to camp at Glastonbury Festival.

Some camping fields have a direct view of the Pyramid Stage like Big Ground, Row Mead or Kidney Mead
Some camping fields have a direct view of the Pyramid Stage like Big Ground or Kidney Mead · Credit: Collette Warren

Glastonbury Food Stalls

Glastonbury is well known for being the best music and arts festival in the world, but some would say it should also be considered one of the best food festivals around.

With almost 800 vendors and traders in total, of which approximately 400 are solely food-based, the Markets have become a major attraction in their own right, as the Festival now offers some of the tastiest eats on the planet and is without a doubt a foodie’s heaven.

Click here to view our daily updated list of food stalls that have been confirmed for Glastonbury 2024, so far.

Glastonbury vendors and traders.
Glastonbury vendors and traders.
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