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Cows back on Worthy Farm as Glastonbury breaks two world records in one year

Cows back on Worthy Farm as Glastonbury breaks two world records in one year

Cows back on Worthy Farm after fastest Glastonbury clean-up

Cows back on Worthy Farm post fastest Glastonbury clean-up in history!

Two weeks ago to the day (7 July), over 175,000 revellers were having the time of their lives at the biggest party on earth, aka Glastonbury Festival. As most have returned home to civilisation, after leaving behind what can only be referred to as the Glasto-aftermath, for award-winning farmer and Glastonbury founder Michael Eavis the work is far from over – as Glastonbury’s unsung heroes stay on the grounds with the sole mission of returning Worthy Farm to its natural clean and rubbish-free status.

This year, apart from breaking the Guinness World Record for the largest human peace sign ever created, there has now been another record broken.

2017 has been the fastest Glastonbury clean-up of the site in history, seeing the first cows back on Worthy Farm as they return to the Pyramid field on first post-Glasto Monday. Two weeks earlier than the previous earliest date known for the cows being back, which was 20th July 2010.

With the cows back on Worthy Farm following this year’s swift clean-up, allegations raised in the media about its litter-picking team working zero-hours contract arrangements. These allegations have now been addressed by an official Glastonbury Festival statement.

2018 is set to be a “fallow year”, which means the cows will have the land all to themselves till the return of Glastonbury Festival to Worthy Farm in 2019.

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