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Emily Eavis talks 2018 fallow year and future of Glastonbury Festival

Emily Eavis talks 2018 fallow year and future of Glastonbury Festival

Emily Eavis

Emily Eavis discusses the certainty of Glastonbury 2018 being fallow year and what the future hold for the beloved Glastonbury Festival?

Sitting down to chat to NME’s Kevin EG Perry, Glastonbury director, Emily Eavis, discussed plans for the future of Glastonbury Festival which will include some “radical changes” – especially to The Park area.

As mentioned earlier, it is 100% certain there will not be a 2018 Glastonbury, as the farm is set to take its traditional year off aka the “2018 fallow year” in order to let the land and wildlife recover. That being said, Michael Eavis did go on to say that he’s “already regretting” the decision to take the break next year and may re-consider if a certain band will re-form. Although, it does seem unlikely.

Emily’s father went on to talk about Glastonbury’s 2020 50th anniversary celebrations, while also confirming that “a couple of bands” have already been booked for that year. The new Variety Bazaar was also mentioned, as three new sites are on the shortlist at the moment.

Speaking about this year’s Glastonbury final day, Emily went on to big up Stormzy for his phenomenal gig on the Other Stage by saying: “I think Stormzy will definitely have to headline one day. He was phenomenal, and if anything has come through in quite an obvious way, it’s that. That was such a great moment.”

Feel free to watch the full interview above. Also, did you catch Stormzy and if so, what did you think? If not, who did you check out instead?

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