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Emily Eavis responds to Mel B’s Glastonbury cancellation claims

Emily Eavis responds to Mel B’s Glastonbury cancellation claims

A quick response from the Glastonbury organiser swiftly squashed rumours from Spice Girls’ Mel B claiming that the Festival has cancelled

Emily Eavis has responded to the latest rumours of Glastonbury 2021 being cancelled, following a statement from Spice Girls’ Mel B – apparently saying she “knows” Glastonbury has been called off for a second successive year.


Speaking to BBC 5 Live’s Nihal Arthanayake earlier today (Monday, 4 January), Mel B said: “I know that Glastonbury’s has been cancelled, so a lot of big stage performances are kind of on hold again this year, which is sad, but we’ve got to get this virus under control, I guess”. Nihal also pressed the singer about whether the girl group would be up for doing the Glastonbury Sunday tea-time Legends slot, to which Mel B replied: “I mean, I’ve always wanted to do that, all of us have…”

Nihal went on to add that he’s not sure that Glastonbury has said it’s not happening in 2021, while Mel B adamantly responded by saying: “No, they did today!”

Glastonbury Festival co-organiser Emily Eavis was then quick to squash any rumours of the mentioned cancellation, taking to her official Twitter account stating that: “There’s no news this end yet, we haven’t cancelled. Will let you know right here as soon as we have an update”

Glastonbury was set to celebrate its 50th anniversary this in 2020 down on Worthy Farm – with headliners in Taylor Swift, Kendrick Lamar and Paul McCartney – but was forced to cancel due to the coronavirus outbreak just a week after the lineup was announced back in March.

In a message from organisers, announcing the Festival’s cancellation, Michael and Emily Eavis explained that cancelling this year’s event was their “only viable option” following “new government measures” to prevent the spread of the pandemic – saying: “We’re so sorry that this decision has been made. It was not through choice. But we look forward to welcoming you back to these fields next year and until then, we send our love and support to all of you.”


Late last year, Eavis told the BBC that they are doing “everything we can” to ensure it takes place next year.

She said: “The hard part is understanding exactly what we’ll be planning for, and what impact that will have on what we’re able to do. But right now I’m not sure there’s anything we could do that would completely ensure we can welcome 200,000 people to spend six days in some fields in June 2021.”

Eavis also noted that if the festival could not happen in its traditional form, the organisers will consider inviting artists to perform on the farm for a series of live streams.

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Conor Clancy
Conor Clancy
10 months ago

Move it to September at least there’ll be a better chance of it happening.

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