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Funktion-One’s Tony Andrews dubs Glastonbury’s Glade Area as ‘most audio fun’

Funktion-One’s Tony Andrews dubs Glastonbury’s Glade Area as ‘most audio fun’

Glade Area

Tony Andrews: ‘Glade Area at Glasto the most audio fun I’ve had in ages’

Spawning from the 90’s Avalon Field roots, the Glade Area lays along the railway towards the Other Stage and is known to be the home for all alternative underground dance music, leftfield and experimental sounds, dub, reggae and of course the occasional live band.

This year’s Glade Area massive sound was powered by the legendary Function-One loudspeakers and a Cadac desk which was set in place by sound production company Sound-Services.

Sound-Services working hand in glove with Funktion-One managed to deliver the ‘Experimental Ambisonic Soundfield’ for the Glade Area via the company’s Evo range. Comprising a main stage FOH system with four additional positions, the six loudspeaker positions were arranged in a perfect hexagon, 36 metres in diameter, to create the soundfield.

Meanwhile, a Cadac CDC seven live sound console was deployed for FOH mixing duties. The 96-input, 56-buss CDC seven features a 36 fader, dual 23.5-inch high contrast HD touch screen hardware control surface.

Tony Andrews, founder of Turbosound and Funktion-One, is no stranger to Glastonbury Festival, having been present and part of the sound crew at Glastonbury Fayre in 1971. Tony was a prominent member of the team of seven who built the permanent Pyramid Stage in 1981, which existed until it was burned down in 1994.

Tony Andrews
Tony Andrews

Speaking to PSNEurope, Andrews said: “The Glade stage at Glastonbury was the most audio fun I’ve had in ages. The Ambisonics was working the best I’ve ever heard it, the bass was incredible and Goldie’s set has to be in my top 5 audio experiences of a lifetime.”

Sound-Services managing director, Curtis Gilmore, added: “We were nervous at first about using a brand new desk on a show of this size but after hearing it on a demo, we decided that we couldn’t do without it. The sound is so pure and clear. It is definitely one of the best sounding shows that we have been a part of and the Cadac CDC seven played a huge part in this. We look forward to using this desk at many shows in the future.”

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