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Glastonbury 2019 Ticket Resale: You still have a chance to go to Glasto!

Glastonbury 2019 Ticket Resale: You still have a chance to go to Glasto!

glastonbury 2019 ticket resale

Missed out on Glastonbury Festival tickets? Do not despair! There is still a way to get Glasto tickets… It is called the Glastonbury 2019 Ticket Resale!

All tickets for 2019’s Glastonbury Festival have now sold out.

Over 100,000 Standard Tickets for Glastonbury 2019 were released this morning (Sunday, October 7th) at 9am (GMT) and were all gone before 10.30am – this, following Thursday’s swift rush for the initial smaller batch of 15,000 coach + ticket packages.


It is estimated that almost 2 million would-be Glasto-goers anxiously sat informant of their computer, tablet, and smartphone screens this morning to try and reserve the remaining 150,000 tickets. All tickets were gone within just 36 minutes.

But what if you are one of those who have done the research, registered on the official Glastonbury website, got up early on that dreaded Sunday morning and sat poised ready with every electronic device you own for the moment that ticket sales open… and still did not manage to get a ticket!

So what to do next?

Whatever you do, do not despair! There is still a way for you to get to Glastonbury next year if you have missed out.

When is the Glastonbury 2019 Ticket Resale?

The exact dates and times of when the resale will take place have yet to be announced.

That being said, both the official Glastonbury website and festival organiser Emily Eavis, daughter of founder Michael Eavis, have now confirmed that the Glastonbury 2019 Ticket Resale will happen in April 2019.


How do I get the Glastonbury ticket?

Anyone who bought a ticket will have paid a deposit of £50, and will be required to pay the rest of the ticket price by April of next year (from 9am Monday 1st April – 23:59 Sunday 7th April 2019).

Those who change their minds about going (for whatever unthinkable reason that might be), or find themselves unable to attend, will have the opportunity to advise Glastonbury and get some of their £50 refunded – minus a £20 administration fee (If the ticket was booked with a Coach Package, then an additional £10 will be retained).

The festival organisers will then go ahead and put forward these cancelled tickets for resales which usually takes place in April.

Only people who registered to buy tickets will be eligible for these resale tickets, which will have to be paid for in full (£248 + a £5 booking fee)

So if you’ve already registered, all you need to do is wait patiently till ticket go on resale which as we mentioned abouve, will happen sometime in April (watch this space for updates).

If you haven’t already registered – Ticket registration is due to reopen on 1st November 2018.

Glastonbury Festival 2019 will run from Wednesday, June 26, 2019, till Sunday, June 30.

Good luck in the resale!

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1 year ago

I’m gonna be bitter here and wish the registration would not return and that resale tix would only be available to those who failed to get tix today, or at least we would be given first crack at them. That’s how the Olympics tickets were sold.

1 year ago
Reply to  LISA SMITH


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