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Glastonbury Festival 2019 ticket resale details confirmed

Glastonbury Festival 2019 ticket resale details confirmed

Glastonbury 2019 ticket resale: times, dates, cost and more…

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With the closure of the seven-day ticket balance payment window for Glastonbury Festival 2019 behind us – Would-be Glasto-goers are now looking ahead to the ticket resales.

A limited number of tickets for which the balance has not been paid for will now go back into the pot for the 2019 ticket resale, which will be split over two separate days.

Before you take any other step – Make sure you have registered!

There is no way you can book Glastonbury Festival tickets unless you’ve pre-registered. If you are uncertain whether you’re registered or not, you can check on the Glastonbury Festival official website –> here.

Please note – If you’ve missed the registration window you’re too late to buy tickets for Glastonbury 2019. Registrations for this year closed on 23rd April, and if you haven’t already signed up on Glastonbury’s website, you’ll have to try again another year.

Next time around, make sure you sign up on the Glastonbury website with a recent passport-style photo well ahead of time. It’s worth getting your registration sorted out way before early October deadline in case your photo submission is rejected the first time around, as you may not have time to resubmit the photo.


When is the Glastonbury 2019 Ticket Resale?

Glastonbury Festival released its first batch of resale tickets on Thursday evening (April 25), with tickets selling out in less than 25 minutes.

Ticket + Coach packages went up for resale at 6pm BST, and were all gone by 6:23pm.

The final chance to purchase tickets for Glastonbury 2019 will be when General Admission Tickets go on sale at 9am BST on Sunday, 28th April.

How much will Glastonbury tickets cost?

In 2019, General Admission tickets will cost £248 + £5 booking fee with postage by Royal Mail Special Delivery charged at £8.95 per order (coach package e-Ticket delivery is £1.50 per order).

Do I have to pay the full ticket amount straight away?

Yes. Tickets bought in the resale must be paid for in full at the point of booking – there is no deposit scheme offered. That being said, these tickets will be refundable up until May 3.

Where will I be able to pay my ticket balance?

Glastonbury Festival tickets are only sold on one site:– any other site claiming to sell tickets for the festival are not authentic, and you will be setting yourself up for disappointment. Make sure you are in the right place before making the payment.

How many tickets can I buy in the resale?

In the General Admission resale on 28th April you will be able to purchase up to 4 tickets per transaction – but remember that you can only book one ticket per registration. So if you plan to book for a group, you will need all their registration numbers and registered postcodes, too – get them ready now.

The Ticket + Coach packages sale on 25th April will be limited to 2 tickets per transaction, to reflect the limited number of seats available per coach. Again, you will need the registration number for each ticket you are booking.

How many Glastonbury tickets are available in this year’s resale?

As in previous years, the exact number of tickets in the resale will remain a mystery and not be announced. But it is a limited quantity.

That being said, while speaking to BBC Radio 2’s Jo Whiley days before the resales take place, Emily Eavis said: “Obviously, it has been a bit of a scramble and that often happens after a year off.”

“We haven’t got loads to sell, so I think we should probably let people know that now, but it’s always really worth a go. We don’t want to put people off.”

Will there be a resale of Worthy View, Tipi field and Campervan passes?

Yes. The resale for Worthy View accommodation, Tipi field accommodation and Campervan passes will take place at 11am BST on Sunday, 28th April. For full details of the packages available and for terms and conditions of purchase please refer Glastonbury’s Ticket Information Page and Resale FAQ.



Everyone that comes to the festival is asked to sign up to the ‘Love the Farm, Leave no Trace’ pledge when you completed your ticket transaction:

• I will only use the toilets provided and not pee on the land or in waterways.
• I will use the recycling bins correctly and not drop litter on the ground.
• I will take all my belongings home with me again, including my tent and all camping equipment.
• I will bag up my rubbish in the bin bags provided by the campsite stewards and use the recycling pens provided in each campsite.
• I will try to use a reusable water bottle and avoid single-use packaging. Supporting the festival’s ban on plastic bottles, a reusable water bottle can be added to ticket bookings for an extra £10 to be collected from the WaterAid kiosks located throughout the site.

Glastonbury 2019 runs between June 26 and 30 at Worthy Farm, Pilton, Somerset.

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