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GLASTONBURY 2022 LIVE: Thursday photos, news and updates

GLASTONBURY 2022 LIVE: Thursday photos, news and updates

Stay in the loop with our Thursday Glasto Live Blog…

Yesterday, Wednesday the 22nd of June, saw Glastonbury finally open its gates after three long years, in what was a very emotional start to the Festival.

Today, thousands more Glasto-goers are expected to arrive at Worthy Farm despite the continued rail strikes and thunderstorm warnings from Met Office.

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12:25 AM · 24th June 2022
Midnight shot

A beautiful midnight shot (captured by Sunil Bhanot) depicts the night full of laser lights on the backdrop of a distant Pyramid Stage – marking the end of the second day of Glastonbury 2022, and the start of Friday, when the main stages are set to open.

11:37 PM · 23rd June 2022
Michael Eavis takes the stage ahead of Bastille at Glastonbury 2022

Glastonbury founder and living legend Michael Eavis took to the William’s Green Stage tonight (Thursday, 23rd June) to play a heart-warming cover set ahead of Bastille’s (not so secret) show.

Read the full story here.

Michael Eavis at William’s Green | Photo Credit: Go Places Do Things

11:00 PM · 23rd June 2022
The Glade by night

20:35 PM · 23rd June 2022
Bastille confirm “secret” show

Bastille confirms they’ll be taking to the William’s Green Stage this evening – saying: “See you soon William’s Green (and sorry for the delay everyone who’s been waiting!)”

20:15 PM · 23rd June 2022
Louis Tomlinson spotted on-site

Some fans at the Festival have spotted Louis Tomlinson on-site, as seen in the video below.

This isn’t the first time the ex-One Direction has been spotted at Glastonbury, with the most recent being in 2019.

20:05 PM · 23rd June 2022
Nick Mulvey self-confirmes for Ancient Futures

In addition to his Avalon slot on Friday and Rabbit Hole gig on Sunday – Nick Mulvey has now self-confirmed he’ll also be playing the Ancient Futures Stage in the Tipi Field tonight (Thursday, 23rd June) at midnight.

6:15 PM · 23rd June 2022
Nanny Pat walks the walk, talks the talk

BBC Entertainment Correspondent, Colin Paterson, shares a photo of Nanny Pat, which all she wanted for her 80th birthday in 2020 was a ticket to Glastonbury. Two years later and she is finally getting to go: “I like to get to the front by sneaking down the sides.”

5:50 PM · 23rd June 2022
William’s Green is currently very busy

Glastonbury officials ask people to try and avoid the William’s Green area for a few hours and head to other parts of the site, as it is currently very busy. 

4:15 PM · 23rd June 2022
The Band Stand is now open

The iconic Glastonbury Band Stand opened this afternoon at 2 PM with first performance from Hodmadoddery and will run till around 00:00 tonight. See the full line-up schedule for the day in the image below.

3:00 PM · 23rd June 2022
Portaclue: The world’s crappiest escape room is now open

Portaclue: The world’s crappiest escape room will run at Glastonbury 2022 from 11:00 – 19:00 on the Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday of the festival, in Bella’s Field. You can read more about it here.

2:25 PM · 23rd June 2022
Met Office weather forecast

Day one of the festival was sunny, temperatures reaching almost 27C in nearby Yeovilton, but it’s now becoming more unsettled.

Met Office Chief Forecaster Paul Gundersen said: “Our advice would be to have raincoats at the ready for the rest of the festival. After a warm and, at times, sunny start to Thursday it will turn cloudier and there will be an increasing risk of thunderstorms through the afternoon and evening bringing a risk of torrential downpours”.

For Friday and the weekend, the weather will become cooler and more unsettled. The risk of heavy showers and thunderstorms continues in the Glastonbury area, and although these should be quick moving, some surface water might accumulate at times from the heaviest showers. Temperatures will return to near normal for the time of year, with highs likely around 18-20C by the weekend. It will become breezier over the weekend.

The unsettled pattern is expected to continue to dominate into the start of next week.

1:52 PM · 23rd June 2022
Crows Nest line up for today

The Crows Nest line-up for today, Thursday the 23rd of June is as follows:

19:00 – DJ Harvey Brook
20:00 – Island Girl
21:00 – The Longest Johns
22:00 – Nuha Ruby Ra
22:30 – Crows Nest DJs

12:15 AM · 23rd June 2022
Kidzfield is now open!

Glastonbury’s magical Kidzfield is now open! Featuring free-to-ride fairground attractions, and a line-up that includes Basil Brush, Wind in the Willows, Flying Seagull Project and Andy and the Odd Socks.

12:10 PM · 23rd June 2022
Two generations one stage!

Billy Bragg’s guitarist son Jack Valero shares images from last’s night’s impromptu double act with his dad at the Avalon1 Cafe stage, while confirming he will be there again tonight at 8 PM with his band.

12:10 AM · 23rd June 2022
Official snaps from ‘Day One’

Glastonbury organisers share a selection of photos from the first evening of Glastonbury 2022, available to view here.

11:41 AM · 23rd June 2022
Burglars in Big Ground

A Glastonbury attendee has warned fellow Glasto-goers of burgles operating near Big Ground – saying: “Last night quite a few tents were burgled, especially at big ground campsite, they just put their hands into tents and grab stuff. the police think it was one person and that they won’t return as they’ve swept the whole area, but police will be patrolling more, so stay safe.”

11:30 AM · 23rd June 2022
Astrolabe Theatre opens later today

Doors to the Astrolabe Theatre open this evening at 7 PM, with performances to include Jonathan Pie,  Stuart Goldsmith, Box 9 Drumline and many more.

10:25 AM · 23rd June 2022
Glastonbury from above

The BBC share beautiful views of the Festival site from above, in the video below.

10:08 AM · 23rd June 2022
Glastonbury Free Press

Today’s Glastonbury Free Press (printed here on our vintage Heidelberg) is available for free on-site now, or download here.

9:30 AM · 23rd June 2022
9am London-Castle Cary, basically empty

Despite today’s continued rail strike, a limited number of trains are heading to the festival from London Paddington.

8:40 AM · 23rd June 2022
Birthday card from Michael Eavis

Waking up on his birthday at Glastonbury, one lucky fan received a Happy Birthday card from the main man himself, Glastonbury founder Michael Eavis, signed and everything!

7:35 AM · 23rd June 2022
Wolf Alive experiencing travel problems

The four-piece rock band – who are due to play the Pyramid Stage at 4:45 PM tomorrow – currently appear to be stuck in LA after their flight was cancelled.

6:40 AM · 23rd June 2022
Mildly misty morning

Fans who arrived last night are waking up to a mildly misty morning with plenty of sun.

6:05 AM · 23rd June 2022
Welcome back

After what was a very emotional start to the first day of the Festival yesterday, today, thousands more Glasto-goers are expected to arrive on site despite the continued rail strikes and a thunderstorm warnings from Met Office.

WEDNESDAY RECAP: Photos and highlights from the first day of Glastonbury 2022

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