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Third Glastonbury 2022 (short-range) weather forecast

Third Glastonbury 2022 (short-range) weather forecast

“Hopefully neither a washout nor a heat wave”

Welcome back to our string of weather report summaries.

Following up on our previous forecast summary, and with it being less than one day until gates finally open for Glastonbury 2022, we can now take a much closer look at the weather, in what is known as more of a “short-range weather forecast”.

That said, let us once again point out that even with the Festival being only one day out, these models could still be quite imprecise with regard to the end of the Festival.

This year, Glastonbury kicks off on Wednesday, the 22nd of June, and ends on Sunday, the 26th. 

As always, we like to start these weather summaries by taking a look at Gavin Partridge‘s recent weather updates.

As of the time of writing, Partridge has released 6 weather updates.

The first update (published 10th June) was titled “a cool shower update”, while the second (published 12th June) was a “warm, dry high-pressure dominated” update. 

The third (published 14th June) was once again leaning toward more of a warmer trend, while the fourth and fifth updates (published 16th and 19th of June) flipped the script and predicted “unsettled and cooler weather”.

In the sixth and most recent update (published 20th June) Gavin starts off on the Wednesday (22nd June) by saying there will be “loads of dry and warm weather to be had” accompanied by “plenty of sunshine”, with temperatures reaching around 24-27°C.

According to Gavin, Thursday, the 23rd of June, will also see “lots of dry weather and plenty of sunshine” but “a few heavy showers” toward the afternoon, with temperatures in the mid to upper 20’s, around 27-28°C.

Friday (24th June) “probably starts dry”, just to be followed by a band of rain and heavy showers, with temperatures lowering to around 20-21°C.

Gavin predicts that Saturday (25th June), similar to Friday, will stay wet with heavy rain, and temperatures lowering further to around 13-15°C.

Sunday (26th June) is predicted to continue the trend of Friday and Saturday, with longer spells of rain and temperatures of around 17-19°C.

Moving along, we look at the latest weather prediction from Met Office (published 20th June), which predicts it will be warming up and increasingly sunny over the next few days in the lead-up to Glastonbury, with temperatures rising day by day – peaking on Thursday.

That said, by Friday, the Met Office says there is a chance of persistent rain later in the day, as well as at the start of Saturday, which will continue into late afternoon and evening. 

Saturday and Sunday could also see a mixture of possibly heavy showers with hail and thunder, but also sunny spells in between.

Weather forecast summary – as of the 20th of June:

To summarise, it looks like the Festival will see a warm and sunny start with temperatures peaking on Thursday into the mid-20.

Then, Friday starts off fine but could see a shower or two in the afternoon and more persistent rain arriving by the evening, with that rain then clearing out of the way.

Saturday morning to be replaced by sunny spells and showers with a blustery breeze making it feel much cooler.

State of the ground – as of the 20th of June:

According to YouTuber SawdustySurfer, who is currently on-site and has been keeping track of the “state of the ground” for the last couple of weeks now – at this moment in time, the ground is solid and dry, as seen in the video below.

In other Glasto-news:

Co-op confirmed the return of its pop-up store for Glastonbury Festival 2022, and the official Glastonbury Festival app from EE, which according to an official statement by EE was originally due to be released on Monday, the 6th of June, finally went live on Android on the 7th of June – and after a slight lunch delay, saw the iPhone version be released one day later, on the 8th of June.

Meanwhile, last month saw BBC reveal its coverage plans for this month’s Glastonbury Festival, which will mark the first time the Beeb has broadcast any music event in Ultra High Definition.

Another exciting announcement which was revealed last month included the new Glastonbury 2022 map, which featured lots of interesting changes and improvements to the site grounds ahead of the Festival this June.

Speaking of the new map, we also have a newly renovated and updated comprehensive Glasto Camping Guide which you can view here.

Stella McCartney’s War Child vest:

In 2007, Stella McCartney designed a limited-edition vest which was sold for charity at that year’s Glastonbury Festival.

The design, which features a blue sky, green field and psychedelic rainbow, was inspired by the Seventies airbrushed t-shirts her Mum and Dad used to get made.

The vest has since gone on to become a rare collector’s item, but a recent warehouse audit unveiled several boxes of vests which had not been sold.

Last month (26th May), Glastonbury revealed a limited edition upcycled vest designed by Stella McCartney. Staying true to her ethos and principles to reduce the impact on our planet, the original vests have now been upcycled and repurposed with a new mushroom artwork celebrating fungi as the future of fashion and our planet.

These limited edition vests are on sale now via Glastonbury’s official online shop, with all proceeds going to War Child’s Emergency Fund– helping children in Ukraine and other conflicts.

The limited-edition upcycled vest designed by Stella McCartney | Photo Credit: Glastonbury Festival

General recap:

Although the full Glastonbury 2022 line-up including the set times breakdown was revealed last month (30th May), posters for dedicated stages and attractions have continued to be shared on social media as well as on the official Glastonbury website. 

Strummerville revealed its line-up poster on the 31st of May, while new Beat Hotel replacement, San Remo, dropped the news on the 1st of June – just hours before Pilton Palais.

Block9 was the seventeenth area to announce its individual line-up poster (on the 27th of May) for this year’s Festival.

Cineramageddon announced its individual line-up poster on the 25th of May, while West Holts revealed its lineup poster on the 24th of May – and Unfairground theirs on the 20th of May, just one day after The Park area which came on the 19th of May.

See Also

The Kidzfield revelation came on the 16th of May, just three days after Croissant Neuf‘s on the 13th, and followed announcements from Acoustic Stage and The Glade – on the 12th and the 11th of the month, respectively.

Late-night areas The Common and – Shangri-La also released their line-ups, on the 6th and the 4th of May, respectively. In addition to the Left Field line-up that was revealed on Tuesday morning, the 3rd of May. 

Other key stories from the string of announcements included confirmation that Arcadia’s iconic fire-breathing Spider will be returning to the Festival in 2022 – following planning issues with the Pangea crane, which had replaced the Spider in 2019 but will not be featured at this year’s event. 

The Arcadia news came bundled with its own line-up poster, after posters from Theatre & Circus FieldsGlasto Latino, and former Dance Village Silver Haye had also been revealed earlier that week. 

And finally, Field of Avalon was the first area to announce its dedicated line-up poster for 2022 on Tuesday, the 12th of April. 

2022 will be the first year to see Glastonbury take place since 2019, after two consecutive cancellations due to the coronavirus crisis – both in 2020 and 2021.

Meanwhile, the first main line-up announcement poster revelation, shown below, dropped in March of this year.

As seen in the poster above, Paul McCartney and Kendrick Lamar will be joining previously announced headliner Billie Eilish to top the bill at this year’s event.

Eilish will be playing the Pyramid Stage on the Friday night – and by doing so make history as the youngest ever solo artist to headline the Festival at only 20-years-old.

Another historic moment will occur when Sir Paul McCartney takes to the Pyramid Stage on the Saturday night – which will subsequently make him the oldest Glastonbury headliner at 80-years-old.

Diana Ross will likewise be performing on the Pyramid Stage for the Sunday Teatime Legends Slot, while Lamar will be headlining the same stage later that evening.

Glastonbury 2022 is set to take place at its natural home in Worthy Farm, Pilton, Somerset, from Wednesday 22nd to Sunday 26th June.

Although tickets for the 2022 Festival have now completely sold out, you can check out our 12 tips & trick guide on how to get tickets to Glastonbury 2023.


Glastonbury Festival would very much like fans to be aware that there are people out there who will try and sell fake Glastonbury tickets to unsuspecting, willing and innocent potential purchasers.

Although Glasto-veterans who have been going to the Festival for quite some time may recognise these scams for what they are, newcomers to the Festival might not know that tickets are only sold on one site which is: – and any other site claiming to sell tickets for the Festival are not authentic.

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