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Glastonbury 2023 local & Sunday ticket sale dates confirmed

Glastonbury 2023 local & Sunday ticket sale dates confirmed

Local people who were unsuccessful in the recent ticket sales will have another chance to book tickets

Michael Eavis has once again held back a number of full Glastonbury 2023 weekend tickets for local people as a second chance for those residents who were unsuccessful in the recent ticket sales.

The 2023 edition of the Festival is set to run from Wednesday the 21st to Sunday the 25th of June.

Coach ticket packages and general admission tickets went on sale earlier this month on the 3rd and 6th of November 2022, respectively.

While standard tickets for the 2023 Glastonbury Festival sold out in just over an hour (due to overwhelming demand and some technical issues), tickets packaged with coach travel were all snapped up and sold out in just 22 minutes.

The next sale to take place will be for  Local & Sunday tickets – which will be broken into 3 semi-sales – from 9am, Sunday 20th November, 2022, online at

Full weekend tickets for local residents FAQ

How much are Glastonbury 2023 tickets?

Glastonbury 2023 tickets will cost £335 + £5 booking fee, with the local ticket sale allowing local residents to take advantage of the Festival’s ticket deposit scheme – meaning only a deposit of £50 (per ticket) is taken at the point of sale in the local ticket sale.

The remainder of the ticket price will then have to be paid during a week-long window in April 2023 (from 09:00 BST Saturday 1st April – 23:59 BST Friday 7th April 2023).

Any tickets for which the balance is not paid will be refunded £25 of their deposit, and a £25 admin fee per ticket will be retained.

How many tickets can I buy in the local ticket sale?

You can buy a maximum of 4 tickets if you get through to the ticket page – provided all those for whom you are booking are full-time, permanent residents registered within the local catchment area.

If you plan to buy tickets for other people, they all need to be registered, and you will need their registration numbers along with their corresponding postcodes and the name they registered under in order to purchase tickets on their behalf.

Also, make sure to have your debit / credit card number (with security number from the back of your card) available when booking, and the detail of the ticket delivery address, including the postcode.  

Do children also need to buy a local ticket?

Children aged 12 and under, when accompanied by a ticket-holding adult are admitted free and do not need a ticket.  

Do I really need to be registered?

Yes! In order to ensure tickets in the local sale only go to genuine full-time, permanent local residents, registration will be suspended in advance and throughout the ticket sale period.

If you are not already registered within the catchment, you will not be able to book tickets in this sale.

Can I register now and when does registration for Glastonbury 2023 close?

Unfortunately, no. Registration is currently closed and will reopen later in the Autumn.

registration for Glastonbury 2023 closed at 5pm GMT on Monday, 31st October, and as of this moment in time, there is no opportunity to submit/re-submit a registration until after the November ticket sales – when the registration window will open once again ahead of the resale.

As in previous years, registration remains free of charge and only takes a few minutes at

Those who have already registered in the past can also check their existing registration here

Who is eligible for full weekend local tickets and when will the sale take place?

In order to make sure that those most likely to be affected by the Festival have the best chance to secure tickets for Glastonbury 2023, additional local tickets will be made available to residents within the inner catchment zone, before opening the sale to the outer catchment zone. 

The first of three sale portions will take place at 9am and will be for ‘full weekend tickets for inner zone only’.

This means only permanent full-time residents living and registered in the following towns and villages within the inner zone are eligible to book tickets from 9am:

Doulting, East Pennard, Glastonbury, North Wootton, Pilton, Pylle, Shepton Mallet, West Bradley, West Pennard.

The second of three sale portions will take place at 10am for ‘full weekend tickets for inner & outer zones’.

As per, only permanent full-time residents living and registered in the following towns and villages within the outer zone are eligible to book tickets from 10am:

Alford, Allhampton, Ansford, Ashcott, Ashwick, Baltonsborough, Barton St David, Binegar, Butleigh, Castle Cary, Coleford, Cranmore, Dinder, Ditcheat, Emborough, Evercreech, Holcombe, Leigh-upon-Mendip, Lovington, Lydford, Oakhill, Stoke St Michael, Street, Walton, Wells, plus residents of the inner zone.

A detailed map of the eligible areas can be found below:

A map of the eligible areas.


Sunday tickets FAQ

How much do Glastonbury 2023 Sunday tickets cost and do I have to travel by bus?

Sunday tickets will cost £120 – which includes travel by bus to and from the site from the following local towns: Castle Cary, Frome, Radstock, Glastonbury, Midsomer Norton, Shepton Mallet, Street and Wells.

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Morning pick-ups from each location are at 09:00 and 11:00, with several return buses to each location leaving the Festival, at 22:00 and 00:30.

Please note that a condition for the sale of these tickets is that travel to the Festival site is by bus only. 

Who is eligible for Sunday tickets and when will the sale take place?

The third of three sale portions will take place at 11am for ‘Sunday tickets for ‘Mendip and central Somerset residents’.

This wider catchment area includes residents of towns such as Bruton, Frome & Radstock, which fall outside the local full weekend ticket catchment, but who may still experience some inconvenience during the Festival period.

Sunday tickets – available exclusively to Mendip & Central Somerset residents – are a great opportunity for those who are unable to go to the whole event or who have been unsuccessful in purchasing full weekend tickets to attend the Festival for the day, on Sunday 25th June 2023.

Do children also need to buy a Sunday ticket?

Every person (aged 13 or over) who intends to purchase a Sunday ticket must have their own valid registration number. 

Children aged 6-12 are admitted free, but require a pre-booked bus ticket, which is charged at £25, however they do not need to register in order to book a bus ticket.

Children under 6 travel free, and do not require any tickets. 

Don’t be fooled

Glastonbury Festival would very much like fans to be aware that there are people out there who will try and sell fake Glastonbury tickets to unsuspecting, willing and innocent potential purchasers.

Although Glasto-veterans who have been going to the Festival for quite some time may recognise these scams for what they are, newcomers might not.

Therefore, please remember that tickets are only sold on one site, which is: 

any other site claiming to sell tickets for the Festival is not authentic.

More info

Residents who are eligible for Village tickets will be contacted in the New Year.

All usual, Festival ticket Terms and Conditions apply – Full Terms and Conditions for Sunday Tickets can be found here, and for even more information head to the official info page, here.

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