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Everything about Glastonbury 2023 Ticket + Coach packages

Everything about Glastonbury 2023 Ticket + Coach packages

Travelling to Glastonbury Festival by coach: tickets, dates, times, prices and more…

As part of Glastonbury’s continued commitment to green travel, the Festival encourages Glasto-goers to reduce audience transport emissions.

Your initial inkling might be to just try and buy the standard weekend ticket and figure out the logistics of getting to the festival later, but we say, why not try for both sales and increase your chances of bagging a ticket?

Getting a random coach at 6:00am can mean you are up against a lot less competition when it comes to tickets.

The thing about coach tickets that might be a bit uneasy is that you don’t get your ticket until you actually get on the coach. You just have to trust the process and that it will all be OK (as it usually is).

Once you get on the bus, the driver reads out the names and hands out the envelopes to everyone – think Christmas morning, but in June, on a coach, in a car park.

Yes, you might not be able to take as many beers with you on the bus as you would if you were travelling by car, but… hey, skipping the drive on that journey back will be well worth it, wouldn’t it?!

Apart from that, you’ll be doing the planet some good by travelling by coach.


When do tickets go up for sale?

The sale for Glastonbury 2023 tickets will be divided into two days and will take place in early November (rather than October, as in previous years).

The first sale day – for Coach + Ticket packages – will be held on Thursday, 3rd November at 6pm, while the second sale day – for General Admission tickets – will take place on Sunday, 6th November at 9am.

What is the difference between General Admission tickets and the Ticket + Coach Travel options?

General Admission tickets are simply regular festival tickets. No coach, no travel, no strings attached. If you buy one of these, you’ll have to organise your own travel to and from the event.

Coach + Ticket package, on the other hand, includes a return coach journey from dozens of separate locations across the UK, in addition to the General Admission entry ticket to the festival. 

Please note that when you purchase a Coach + Ticket package, you must travel to the festival on the designated departure bus you have chosen.

Once on the coach, the driver will then read out the names and hand their envelopes to everyone – think Christmas morning, but in June, on a coach, in a car park.

Bath, Bristol, London, Reading, Taunton are the only 5 locations from which you can get a single coach journey.

Do keep in mind that you’ll have to pay extra for the coach, with the price depending on where you choose to depart from – as outlined in the table below.

Return and Single coach fares for Glastonbury 2023

How much are the tickets?

Tickets will cost £335 + £5 booking fee (plus your coach fare if booking a coach ticket package as detailed above).

Do I need to pay the whole balance straight away?

No, you don’t need to pay the whole amount in one go when you buy the ticket.

A £50 deposit is taken at the point of sale, in addition to your coach fare if booking a Ticket + Coach package.

When do I need to pay the ticket balance?

The remainder of the ticket price will then have to be paid during a week-long window in April 2023 (from 09:00 BST Saturday 1st April – 23:59 BST Friday 7th April 2023).

What does the ticket fee include?

  • Entry to the Festival, with over 3,000 performances
  • Five nights camping (with no early entry fees)
  • Free programme
  • Free miniguide
  • Free mobile phone charging
  • Free on-site newspaper
  • Free mobile app
  • Free firewood
  • Kidzfield, where all entertainment, rides and activities are free of charge
  • Support for Oxfam, Greenpeace, WaterAid and hundreds of other worthy causes (£2m given annually in recent years)
  • Funds to improve the Festival’s infrastructure and environmental impact

How many tickets can I buy?

You can buy a maximum of 6 tickets if you get through to the ticket page.

Those wanting to buy more will first have to fully complete their first purchase and only then go ahead and attempt to re-enter the ticket page.

If you plan to buy tickets for other people, they all need to be registered – and you will need their registration numbers and corresponding postcodes in order to purchase tickets on their behalf.

How fast do Glastonbury tickets sell out?

Looking back at previous years, both sales tend to sell out in around half an hour.

A detailed list of how fast Glastonbury tickets sold out in previous years going all the way back to 2002 can be found here.

How many tickets go up for sale in total and how many of them are coach packages?

The capacity for Glastonbury Festival is around 210,000. However, it is expected that around 140,000 tickets (of which around 22,000 are dedicated coach packages) will be available across the two ticket sales this November.

A small allocation is kept back for local residents in a separate ticket sale, with the rest of the tickets reserved for those working at the festival, including performers, medical staff, car park stewards, traders, litter pickers and others. 

Where will tickets be sold?

The only place to get Glastonbury tickets is at

As the official Glastonbury Festival website makes clear, any other tickets aren’t legit, stating: “No other site or agency will be allocated tickets.”

Always ensure that you are on the legitimate See Tickets website. A good way to do this is to look for a padlock in the browser window, which should appear next to the URL in the top left corner of your screen.

Do I really need to be registered?

Yes! In order to participate in the ticket sales and as part of Glastonbury’s ongoing efforts against ticket touting, anyone who would like to attend next year’s Festival will need to have registered in advance.

If you have never attended the Festival, or you haven’t attended in many years, you will need to register.

See Also

You will need to provide a passport photo and have it approved by the Festival in order to be registered. Once approved, you will then be given a unique registration number to use when buying tickets.

Glastonbury Festival tickets are non-transferable as each ticket features the photograph of the registered ticket holder, with security checks carried out to ensure that only the person in the photograph is admitted to the event.

As in previous years, registration remains free of charge and only takes a few minutes at

Those who have already registered in the past can also check their existing registration here

Can I register now and when does registration for Glastonbury 2023 close?

Unfortunately, no. Registration closed at 5pm GMT on Monday, 31st October, and as of this moment in time, there is no opportunity to submit/re-submit a registration until after the November ticket sales – when the registration window will open once again ahead of the resale.

Do children need to register and buy entry tickets?

Everyone aged 13 or over on Wednesday 21st June 2023 (when the Festival gates open) who plans to come to the Festival, must have booked a ticket to attend. 

Children aged 12 and under do not require tickets and do not need to register. 

You may collect a child wristband for children attending with you from the KidzField or the various Information Points once you have entered the Festival site. 

Do I need to buy coach tickets for my child?

All passengers including children aged 12 and under (and PA/Companion tickets allocated by the Festival Accessibility team) must purchase a valid coach ticket in order to travel – you will need to book the required number of additional seats whilst making their ticket + coach travel booking.

Will there be a resale?

Yes. Even If you aren’t successful in securing tickets in the ticket sales in November, you will have another chance to book in the Spring of 2023 (around April time), when any returned tickets go back on sale.

In addition to the ticket sales, some other opportunities for getting to Glastonbury include entering competitions, working at the Festival and volunteering – once those options make themselves available.

To learn more about registration, the sale process and how you can maximise your chances of getting Glastonbury 2023 tickets, click here.

Don’t be fooled

Glastonbury Festival would very much like fans to be aware that there are people out there who will try and sell fake Glastonbury tickets to unsuspecting, willing and innocent potential purchasers.

Although Glasto-veterans who have been going to the Festival for quite some time may recognise these scams for what they are, newcomers might not.

Therefore, please remember that tickets are only sold on one site, which is: 

any other site claiming to sell tickets for the Festival is not authentic.

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4 months ago

Thanks useful post! Do you know if you’re buying 6 tickets + coach, if you have to all be on the same coach or if you can select different options?

4 months ago

Thanks for the explanation and no problem if you don’t know the answer (and apologies if it’s clear from the above and I missed it), though I just wanted to clarify if it is possible for me to book 6 “ticket + coach” tickets but choose for these coaches to leave from different stations? For example, if I get through the portal tomorrow and am given the option to buy 6 “ticket + coach” tickets, will I have to choose that all 6 tickets leave from the same coach station or will I be able to choose different departure points… Read more »


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