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Glastonbury Festival raises over £116,000 in aid of The Trussell Trust

Glastonbury Festival raises over £116,000 in aid of The Trussell Trust

Now that the eBay auctions have finished, “there is a raffle being planned too”…

Since the publishing of this article, Glastonbury Festival has announced its donating 10 sets of tickets, each with a once-in-a-lifetime experience in a raffle to raise money for the Disasters Emergency Committee’s Turkey-Syria Earthquake appeal with Oxfam. As of the time of writing, almost 22,000 people have come together to support the people of Turkey and Syria, raising more than £400,000 in the first 24 hours. Read the full story here.

Glastonbury Festival has helped raise over £116,000 in aid of The Trussell Trust in a partnership to support people facing hardship across the UK.

The money was put up in a series of 10 eBay auctions run by the food bank charity to raise funds for their network of over 1,300 food banks scattered across the country.

All of the auctions (which ran for one week, from midday on Monday, the 6th of February until 5pm on Monday, the 13th of February) included a pair of tickets to the iconic Worthy Farm event along with what was described as a “once-in-a-lifetime” experience – including the opportunities to take part in the Festival’s famous opening ceremony parade, or the chance to hit the ‘fire’ button on Arcadia’s legendary Spider. Plus, many more.

The total from all ten auctions amounted to £116,738 – with the cheapest pair of tickets selling for £10,200, which included the chance to watch a set from the Other Stage viewing platform, while the most expensive pair of tickets sold for £14,500, which alternatively included the chance to watch a set from the iconic Pyramid Stage viewing platform.

Once the eBay listing costs have been deducted, all proceeds from the auctions will go to the Trussell Trust, a non-governmental organisation dedicated to providing “emergency food and support to people locked in poverty, and campaign for change to end the need for food banks in the UK.”

Other pairs of tickets included experiences such as:

  • Introducing an act on the Cabaret Stage which lies within the legendary Theatre and Circus Field – sold for £10,400.
  • Taking part in the Festival’s famous opening ceremony parade, with winners joining performers in carrying one of the beautifully made fire lanterns and then having a front-row view of the fireworks and sculpture burn, while also receiving a free massage or therapy of their choice in the Healing Field – sold for £12,835.
  • A reserved area in Maceo’s (Block9’s Crew bar) and a round of drinks – sold for £11,099.
  • Pushing the ‘fire’ button on Arcadia’s legendary Spider – sold for £12,400.
  • Publishing a dedication in the Glastonbury Free Press newspaper (which does not usually include small ads), printed on site on the Festival’s Heidelberg printing press, and receiving the first copy of the paper off the press – sold for £11,602.
  • A tour of West Holt’s backstage area and watching a set from the pit – sold for £11,202.
The sold Trussell Trust auctions as seen on eBay on the 13th of February, 2023.
The sold Trussell Trust auctions as seen on eBay on the 13th of February, 2023.

Glastonbury Festival has been supporting charities since the 1970s, while raising millions of pounds and maintaining a long-lasting history of donations and partnerships with their three “main supported organisations”, Oxfam, Greenpeace, and WaterAid – along with hundreds of other worthy causes, both local and national, including schools, sports groups, CND groups, carnival clubs etc.

Emily Eavis, co-organiser of Glastonbury Festival said: “We are really pleased to be able to partner with the Trussell Trust, who together with their network of food banks, work tremendously hard during these challenging times to provide food and practical support for communities all over the country. We hope this rare ticket auction will help raise significant funds to support their remarkable work.”

Emma Revie, CEO of the Trussell Trust added: “Between April and September of last year, our network of food banks distributed a staggering 1.3million food parcels. People are struggling to survive amidst the soaring costs of food, energy bills and other essential items. We are extremely grateful to Glastonbury Festival for offering such amazing experiences and enabling us to launch an auction that will raise vital funds to support people facing hardship.”

Now that the eBay auctions are out of the way, earlier in the month, Glastonbury organiser Emily Eavis confirmed on her official Instagram account that “there is a raffle being planned too, with more details to follow” – which means more people will be able to participate in trying to get tickets.

Glastonbury 2023 takes place from Wednesday 21st to Sunday 25th of June 2023 at Worthy Farm, Pilton, Somerset.

Although tickets for the 2023 event sold out late last year [2022], there will be resales of any unpaid and/or cancelled tickets that will take place later in the Spring (around April time).

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As part of Glastonbury’s ongoing efforts against ticket touting, anyone who would like to attend this year’s Festival will need to have registered in advance.

As in previous years, registration remains free of charge and only takes a few minutes at

Those who have already registered in the past can also check their existing registration here

In addition to the upcoming ticket resales, some other opportunities for getting to Glastonbury include working at the Festival, volunteering and entering competitions – once these options make themselves available.

To learn more about registration, the sale process and how you can maximise your chances of getting Glastonbury 2023 tickets, click here.

Don’t be fooled

Glastonbury Festival would very much like fans to be aware that there are people out there who will try and sell fake Glastonbury tickets to unsuspecting, willing and innocent potential purchasers.

Although Glasto-veterans who have been going to the Festival for quite some time may recognise these scams for what they are, newcomers might not.

Therefore, please remember that tickets are only sold on one site, which is:

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