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Glastonbury submits plans for a new access to the Festival site

Glastonbury submits plans for a new access to the Festival site

The new vehicular access will allow direct passage from one of the principal concrete trackways on Worthy Farm

Glastonbury Festival organisers have submitted plans for a new vehicular access to Worthy Farm in Pilton.

According to Somerset County Gazette, the scheme would see a brand new 5m-wide access created at Pylle Road, in order to allow deliveries of sawdust bedding for the farm’s 500-strong dairy herd,

The planned access is intended to serve a building that is being constructed on the site, in addition to also serving as access to staff parking during the event.

A statement regarding the plan, on behalf of Michael Eavis, reads: “All sawdust bedding will be delivered to site by articulated lorries. Cattle movements will involve the use of a 10m-long cattle box.

“These enter Worthy Farm from an easterly direction (to avoid vehicles passing through Pilton village) and will emerge onto Pylle Road via an existing concrete trackway – but this is located 60m from the field access where the new cattle shed is being constructed.

“The proposal involves creating a new farm access directly opposite the track on the other side of Pylle Road. This will result in the site having direct access from one of the principal concrete trackways on Worthy Farm.

“It is both more convenient and arguably results in enhanced road safety conditions for other road users.”

The track would lead to an extended concrete area outside the cattle shed, allowing lorries to turn during deliveries.

“The difference in road and field levels involves creating a shallow ramp (1:10 Gradient) using spoil from the building excavations,” it says.

“All large-scale vehicle movements associated with the applicant’s dairy herd and similar number of followers approach the farm from the east to avoid disturbing Pilton village residents.

“In relation to traffic movements associated with the proposed cattle shed, this will involve an articulated lorry delivery of sawdust once per month, weekly cattle movements using tractor and 10m-long cattle box, and daily tractor and feeder waggon movements.”

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The statement says that around 5-meter of hedgerow would be removed to install the track (see ilustarion below).

Pylle Road Worthy Farm access plan with the area in red depicting the new proposed scheme.

“The proposal is solely driven by the need to provide a safe and convenient access to serve the consented cattle shed, which avoids traffic passing through Pilton village,” it adds.

“The proposal will result in low level visual impact but would not harm the overall landscape character or appearance of the area.”

Meanwhile, Glastonbury Festival was forced to cancel both its 2020 and 2021 editions due to the COVID-19 pandemic, with the 2022 edition set to take place at its natural home in Worthy Farm, Pilton, Somerset – from Wednesday 22nd to Sunday 26th June.

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