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Glastonbury’s Block9 organisers reveal exciting new plans for 2019

Glastonbury’s Block9 organisers reveal exciting new plans for 2019


Block9 is set to double in size when the area returns to Glastonbury Festival for 2019

In an interview earlier today (1st December), with BBC 6Music’s Mary Anne Hobbs, Block9’s Gideon Berger and Stephen Gallagher teased their plans for next year’s Glastonbury Festival.

The creative team behind Block9 revealed that “this year [2019] we’re doubling in size. We’ve taken over another field, and we have a very exciting new project we’ve been working on for the past four years”.

London Underground | 📷: Peter Podworski
London Underground | 📷: Peter Podworski

Led by Gideon Berger and Stephen Gallagher, Block9, which is situated in the South-East ‘Naughty Corner’ of Worthy Farm, explore the space where art, music, theatre and politics collide, often through the construction of complete, immersive temporary realities. Expanded over the years, their unique venues – Genosys, The NYC Downlow or The London Underground for example – are musical utopias where fantastical structures and narratives are built around specific musical genres, resulting in powerful immersive experiences.

Stephen Gallagher and Gideon Berger | Block9
Stephen Gallagher and Gideon Berger | Block9

You can listen to the full interview over at  BBC Sounds – they start talking about Glastonbury at around 1 hour 42 minutes in.

Glastonbury Festival 2019 will run from Wednesday, June 26, till Sunday, June 30.

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