How to go to Glastonbury for FREE!

Do not fear, volunteer!

Last Updated: February

If you are one of those who missed out on Glastonbury tickets, do not despair! There are still ways to get to Worthy Farm for Glastonbury 2020 – some even being without paying a penny.

How can I get into Glastonbury for free?

Glastonbury Festival 2020 will run from Wednesday, 24th to Sunday, 28th June.

One of the best ways to go to Glastonbury for free would be to volunteer with a charity. This usually entails working three eight-hour shifts over five days, which is basically the duration of the festival. What you do with the remainder of your time is up to you. If that’s not enough, volunteers often get access to a private campsite, free meals, and hot showers (Yes, you read correctly, we said hot SHOWERS! At Glasto!)

You won’t have to buy a ticket to the festival, though you will be asked to pay a deposit of around £260 – £300 (with is roughly the same cost as a ticket) when you sign up to volunteer. You will get this back if you complete all your shifts (within some cases includes some training beforehand) and follow the charity’s guidelines.


Who can I volunteer with?


Both Oxfam’s Priority Stewarding and Public Stewarding Applications have now closed.

Priority Stewarding Application opened January 29, 2020 for existing volunteers who’ve already volunteered with them at other events in the past, while Public Stewarding Applications opened February 4, 2020 at 11:30am, and as mentioned, are now closed.

The charity said in a statement to “please keep checking back over the next few months as when someone drops out the space will reappear on our [Oxfam] website. If you want a better chance for 2021, you can steward at two festivals with us this summer and you can get priority and apply before the public!”

Oxfam is one of the leading charities involved with Glastonbury Festival, who have been working with them for over 25 years.

The global poverty alleviation charity brings a 2,000+ strong volunteering team to the festival each year.

Roles available:
Though the majority of Oxfam roles available at festivals are stewarding roles which involve providing help on the gates with tickets and wristbands – this could also include, campaigning with the public or helping in the Oxfam Festival Shop.

Campaigners normally complete four daytime shifts, and by doing so leaving every evening free, but unlike stewarding a telephone interview is required.

The Oxfam Festival Shop hits the road each summer, stocked with some of the charity’s best clothing gems.

Applications to volunteer in the Oxfam’s shop are only open to previous festival shop volunteers, or existing Oxfam high-street shop volunteers or staff.

Shop and Campaign applications will open on 11th Feb.

Shifts, requirements and patterns:
Oxfam’s volunteer stewards usually work 3 x 8-hour-long shifts over a period of 5 days (Wednesday – Sunday). Stewards may request the same shift patterns as their friends by naming up to five people on their application.

Volunteers must be 18 years of age and must complete a training session before their first event, either online or in person.

Date/time required on site:
Like most festival crew, Oxfam volunteers are usually required to arrive on-site the day before the event opens to the public and bring their own tent and camping supplies.

Volunteers are required to pay a deposit of £265 – equal to a Glastonbury ticket price in 2020 – which is returned after all shifts are completed to a satisfactory standard. Anyone applying for multiple festivals only pays one deposit, matching the ticket price of the most expensive festival selected.

Volunteers get free access to the festival, and a meal voucher for every shift worked, in addition to also having their own campsite with its own toilets and hot showers, plus tea, coffee, hot water, and phone charging.

For more info please visit Oxfam’s Glastonbury 2020 page / FAQ’s page.

Also, feel free to check out Oxfam’s ‘Festivals Chat‘ Facebook group which as of the time of writing boasts over 24,000 members and is monitored by both long-term volunteers and Oxfam staff.

You can also find Oxfam Festivals on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.



WaterAid has a been hand in glove with the Glastonbury Festival since 1994.

Back in 2006 the festival’s founder Michael Eavis and his daughter Emily visited WaterAid’s work in Mozambique. After which time the number of Wateraid volunteers at Glastonbury Festival kept on growing to a point that by 2016, Wateraid’s volunteers for the festival reached over 500 strong.

The charity introduced Talking Toilets which gave out information voiced by celebrities such as Cerys Matthews and Brian Blessed.

Roles available:
WaterAid’s roles at Glastonbury are split into two teams:

The Water Team – which include: Water Welcomers, The Refill Station Team, The WaterAid Stand Team and The Sanitation Team.

The Sanitation Team – which include: Loo Crew, Female Urinals, Good Loos, and Litter Picking.

Shifts, requirements and patterns:
Rotas being confirmed before the festival.

Date/time required on site:
Volunteers will be needed on site from either Tuesday 23 or Wednesday 24 June until lunchtime on Monday 29 June inclusive.

If you are volunteering at Glastonbury and you are a “new volunteer” (someone who did not volunteer with WaterAid at a festival in 2019) you will need to pay a deposit of £150.

If you are volunteering at Glastonbury and you are a “returning volunteer” (someone who did volunteer at a festival with WaterAid in 2019) you will need to pay a deposit of £50.

Some of the perks of Volunteering with WaterAid include a secure, crew-only campsite, with shower and toilet access. In addition to food vouchers or a food expense allowance, while being able to claim back part of the travel costs – In 2019, volunteers were able to claim up to £35 per person in travel expenses.

When and where to register and apply:
Applications are taken via an online application form which will be open from 10am on 13 January until 5pm on Friday 7 February.

Please note, it’s not first-come-first-served basis – WaterAid ask during the application process which roles one would prefer, so take the time to carefully consider all the roles available and make sure you fill out your application properly.

For further info and any questions please visit WaterAid’s FAQs page / Volunteer at Glastonbury page.


Glastonbury Recycling Crew

If you’ve been to Glasto before you have probably heard or seen the motto ‘Love The Farm, Leave No Trace’. Recycling and sustainability are some of the core values of the festival, and festival-goers are encouraged to recycle where ever possible.

Recyclers & Litter pickers are recruited by the festival itself and you can apply directly to the team on Worthy Farm to have a chance of being included.

If you wish to join the Recycling Team, then you will need a personal recommendation from a previous recycling volunteer. They will need to contact the Recycling Crew office directly in January and provide them with your contact details.

The latest message from the Glastonbury Recycling Crew states: “A small number of emails have been sent out to new applicants. A friendly reminder: If you are applying to The Recycling Crew for the first time after being recommended by a current crew member please make sure you complete the “recommended by” section correctly. If this section is not completed and accurate your application will not be considered. Make sure you correctly input the email address OF THE PERSON WHO IS RECOMMENDING YOU. For those who have emailed Fiona and are waiting for a response, she now has over 1300 emails which she is working her way through. Please bear with her.”

Roles available:
Picking up litter and sorting recycling.

Shifts, requirements and patterns:
Glastonbury says you’ll usually do four six-hour shifts.

When and where to register and apply:
Registration will open January – email: [email protected]

If you have volunteered in this position before, you are most likely to be approached first, only then applications are taken from newcomers.

Expects to be about be confirmed in January but will most likely be £265 (equal to a Glastonbury ticket price in 2020).

A campsite for volunteers, with showers and toilets + you’ll also be given free meals during shifts.

Feel free to check out the Recycling Crew’s official Facebook group which as of the time of writing boasts over 5,000 members.


Shelter helps millions of people every year struggling with bad housing or homelessness through our advice, support and legal services.

Roles available:
Working in a bar, serving drinks for customers (no previous experience is required).

Shifts, requirements and patterns:
Three eight-hour shifts over five days (Wed-Sun).


Shelter provides transport to the festival, as well as a campsite for volunteers, with phone charging, tea and coffee, and hot showers. You will also get meal vouchers to use in its catering tent.

When and where to register and apply:
You can register your interest over at Shelter’s official website right now, with applications opening TBC (likely February/March 2020).

Keep an eye on Shelter’s websiteFacebook and Twitter pages for updates in the New Year.




Festaff have announced that General Applications to the public will open on March 1, at 10am, for the chance of joining their team of volunteers at Glastonbury 2020.

The organisation also has a priority list for people who’ve volunteered with them at other events last year; Priority Application invitations to apply will be sent out to those who qualify (worked x2 camping events with Festaff in summer of 2019) on Friday, February 7, and invitees will have until 10pm Sunday 16th February to apply – There will be no extension to this deadline, and these invites are for named person only.

The company is involved with over 20 events each year and has over 25,000 people on their database. They claim that 90% of the shifts would not clash with the headline acts and that the shifts are usually completed in the first few days before bands really hit the stage.

Of course, there are a few caveats to joining their crews, as volunteers will be required to attend a “sister event” during the year due to the high demand, which means working at at least two festivals during the summer – so only apply if you are prepared to do this.

You may pick from any of the events on Festaff’s roster apart from those at BST and APE Festaff ask that you apply for your sister event at the same time as you apply for Glastonbury, as more events could be added and deposits cannot be swapped.

Pleas note: ID’s will be checked on arrival to site to concur with details held by Festaff, and both events must be completed before Glastonbury bond is returned.

Roles available:
Gate Steward / Wristbander.

Shifts requirements and patterns:
Training on-site, plus minimum 3 x 8-hour volunteer shifts or equivalent over 6 days (in addition to fulfilling your volunteering position at another “sister event”, as mentioned above) – with shifts being allocated on-site, Wednesday to Sunday.

Date/time required on site:
You need to be on-site between 3pm and 5pm on Monday, June 22 and be available until Sunday, June 28 at around 8pm – If you cannot make the dates, please do not apply.


£240 in line with the events policy (which is to be paid on application) + a £15 admin fee deducted before the deposit is returned. Deposits will be returned after both Glastonbury and sister event are completed to a satisfactory standard.

When and how to apply:

As mentioned above – General Applications to the public will open on March 1.

Priority Application invitations will be sent out to those who qualify on Friday, February 7, and invitees will have until10pm Sunday 16th February to apply.

You can register your interest with Festaff here.

For more info and the full T&C please visit Festaff’s Glastonbury 2020 pagelatest news post.

Find Festaff on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

Oasis Carnival Club

Oasis Carnival Club, is a carnival club based in Frome, Somerset. They recruit workers for stewarding/working on the outside of the festival for people looking to work in exchange for their ticket.

Roles available:
Festival stewarding, model making, face painting and anything they can do to make the entry into the festival the best it can be.

Shifts requirements and patterns:
Three eight-hour shifts at least one of which will be over the festival period.

A deposit of approximately the cost of a ticket+booking fee will be required, this is returned at the end of your last shift.

When and where to register and apply:
In the first instance e-mail us at [email protected] you will then get a confirmation e-mail and full conditions will be sent to successful applicants.

You can find more information by clicking here or e-mailing: [email protected]

The Eventurists

After a super 2019 in the fabulous South East Corner The Eventurists are recruiting a team for 2020. Go and steward with the charity team. You work 3 x 8-hour shifts in the centre of the late-night zone and the rest of the festival is all yours. Visit The Eventurists website and hit the contact button to show your interest for the 2020 crew.

Festival Medical Team

If you have a medical, paramedic or first aid qualifications, you can apply to join Dr Chris Howes’ team of volunteers by completing the application on the Festival Medical Services website.


Property Lock-Ups

The Property Lock-ups are open 24 hours a day and are free of charge to use. Soap and toilet rolls are also distributed free of charge from the lockups.

These are run by various peace and environmental groups, so if you are a member of such a group, you might wish to check if your local branch is involved.

One such site may be:

Worthy FM

Worthy FM has been the on-site radio station for the Glastonbury Festival since 2007. The presenters and producers are all volunteers and many of them, as a result of their experiences here at the festival, have gone on to proper jobs in the industry.

If you would like to inquire about what their plans are for 2020, and if there are any opportunities to volunteer then click here.

The Church Tent

Although not one of the “free” options, The Church Tent at Glastonbury Festival – also known as The Sanctuary Marquee – Consists of a fairly small team of volunteers, made up of people from Somerset and the adjoining counties who want to serve God by serving the Festival; The Church Tent works 24-hours-a-day – open for the duration of the event – in organised shifts, to provide ‘sanctuary’ for the festival-goers and site staff while offering a warm welcome, space to reflect and a willingness to listen.

During the day, creative activities such as face painting, karaoke and acts of worship take place – as well as providing somewhere to shelter from the weather elements, be it rain, mud, sun or dust.

During the night, safe accommodation is provided in the marquee tent for any Glasto-goers which find themselves lost, disorientated, or needing a safe space to sleep.

Shifts requirements and patterns:
Applications will be considered from Somerset and neighbouring counties.

The Sanctuary Marquee will be staffed round-the-clock – from 6:45am on Wednesday, June 24, to 13.00 on Monday, June 29.

Each shift is for 6 ½ hours, with volunteers required to work a minimum of 3 shifts.

The Church states they can only accept volunteers who will attend the mandatory training sessions at 6.30pm on the evening of Friday, June 5, and all day on Saturday, June 6, 2020. More information about this day will be sent to those who are accepted as part of the team. Each successful applicant will be required to complete online safeguarding training by April 20, 2020.

All successful applicants are asked to make a payment of £50 towards the on-going costs of The Church’s work, of which at least £10 will be passed to The Church’s selected charity for the year.

How and where to apply:

The closing date for applications is Friday, March 6, 2020.

Successful applicants will be informed by Friday, March 20, 2020 – by email, and will also receive details on how to make a BACS Transfer for £50 which needs to be paid by Friday, March 27, 2020 – otherwise, you may lose your place.

For the full application forms and further info, please visit The Church at Glastonbury festival Facebook group.


Is there any paid work available at the festival?

The short answer is yes. There are indeed a select number of positions available in which you can be paid for working at Glastonbury Festival. These roles usually come and go on very short notice.

Furthermore, occasionally there are also opportunities for work experience with the festival team.

To be in with a chance for either opportunity you will need to keep your eyes peeled on the Glastonbury Festival jobs page.

For those who still want to buy a ticket: there’ll be a resale in April 2020

If after reading all the above you’d still rather go to the festival without volunteering/working, and you’re happy to pay the £265 (plus a £5 admin fee) for a ticket, you might still be in with a chance.

Anyone who managed to bag a ticket in the recent ticket sales will have paid a deposit of £50 and will need to pay the rest of the ticket price by April 7, 2020. Any tickets not paid for by the deadline are then put up for resale.

Coach package tickets will go back on sale on April 16, 2020 and general admission tickets (which don’t include travel) will be resold on April 19, 2020.

PLEASE NOTE: Only people who have registered will be eligible for these resale tickets, and will have to pay for them in full (£265 per person + £5 booking fee).

Registration will open again on Friday, 1 November, 2019 and will close a few days before the resale, so don’t leave it until the last minute.

Good luck everyone!

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