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The God of Cider is coming to Glastonbury Festival 2019

The God of Cider is coming to Glastonbury Festival 2019

Shepton Mallet God of Cider

Glastonbury cider lovers are in for a treat at next year’s festival

A new Somerset cider will be introduced at Glastonbury 2019.

Mallets is a new brand from the Showerings Cider Mill in Somerset, which will be on offer at 110 bars throughout Worthy Farm at next year’s Glastonbury festival.

The cider is produced using apples grown just miles from the festival site and will be on offer for the next four years of the festival as the event’s principal cider brand.

Matthew Showering, managing director, said: “We are honoured to return to Glastonbury once again with our ‘Cider for Gods’, Mallets.

“We have been part of the festival for more than 20 years, having introduced Brothers cider to Glastonbury back in 1995, so the festival holds a special place in our hearts.

“We have worked extremely hard perfecting Mallets and this latest deal is testament to its quality; we can’t wait for the Glastonbury community to try it.

Mallets boast two types of cider –

Mallets Original Cider
ABV Can 5% | ABV Draught 4.5%

A thirst quenching medium dry apple cider forged from the juice of freshly pressed bittersweet apples selected from our Somerset orchards.

Mallets Dark Fruit
ABV Can 4% | ABV Draught 4%

A refreshing blend of Mallets Original cider with natural blackcurrant and blackberry flavours, ready to quench the toughest of thirsts.

michael eavis cider
Michael Eavis enjoys a Mallets Cider | 📷: Jason Bryant
[mks_pullquote align=”center” width=”623″ size=”18″ bg_color=”#FFE335″ txt_color=”#333″]The Legend of Shepton

” Tales tell, when our ancestors needed to quench their thirst they would beseech ‘Shepton’, the great God of cider, to bestow upon them a perfectly balanced, easy-drinking pint, bursting with the sweet tang of finest Somerset apples. Legend has it that Shepton would call forth a whirlwind of ripe russets which he would smash and pulp with his mighty mallet until cider – the sweet nectar of the gods – was created. So cast your eyes downwards and beholds the fruits of Shepton’s glorious labours. “[/mks_pullquote]


Glastonbury Festival’s founder, Michael Eavis, said: “We feel it’s very important to have a local producer of cider at the festival, showcasing some of the best cider Somerset has to offer.

“Mallets is produced just a stone’s throw from the festival and we’re really looking forward to working with them.

“It tastes great and I’m sure our cider drinkers will love it. It’s already going down very well in the village Working Men’s Club.”

Glastonbury 2019 will take place between June 26 and 30 at Worthy Farm, Pilton.

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Ed S
Ed S
1 year ago

But how much for a pint?

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