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Lily Allen heading to Glastonbury 2022

Lily Allen heading to Glastonbury 2022

“Ready for Glastonbury?”

Lily Allen appears to be making her way to Glastonbury and could even be set for a surprise special guest performance according to the Instagram story she shared today.

While in the car on their way to Worthy Farm, Allen shared videos of her family and herself.

In one of those videos the singer-songwriter asks her daughter Marnie Rose if she’s “ready for Glastonbury?” – then in the following capture, shown below, Allen writes: “She thinks she’s embarrassed now… wait till I hit that stage later”. 

Although not disclosing the day, time or stage – and with multiple unknown secret sets still on the list – there is a possibility that the London-born singer could be set for a guest appearance in another artist’s performance.

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Being no stranger to Glastonbury, Lily Allen last played the Festival in 2014.

Back then her Pyramid Stage set was forced to be cut short due to a delay caused by a thunderstorm over the site which led to a power outage.

Allen was also previously featured on the Pyramid Stage bill in 2007 and 2009.

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