Atchin Tan confirms its return to Worthy Farm for Glastonbury 2024

Atchin Tan confirms its return to Worthy Farm for Glastonbury 2024

Now in its third year, the Atchin Tan at the top of the Theatre & Circus Fields, provides a platform to raise awareness of the issues affecting Britain’s Romany, Irish Traveller, Traveller, Roma and nomadic communities — From learning about the decimation of safe stopping places, to finding out about the contribution of Travellers to Glastonbury Festival’s history.

By Atchin Tan GFF
Atchin Tan, Theatre & Circus Fields (2023) · Credit: Charles Gervais

Glastonbury’s Atchin Tan (Romanes for ‘the stopping place’!) is back again for a third year in the Theatre & Circus Fields.

Named after the virtually non-existent spots where Gypsies and Travellers would stop and rest for a few days, Atchin Tan is a Traveller Awareness Campaign area.

At Atchin Tan, you’ll find living examples of Travellers’ moving homes – a horse-drawn wagon, caravan, Showman’s wagon and more – as well as talks, music, storytelling and films.

Atchin Tan Stopping Place 2024 poster · Design: Elijah Vardo

During the day, Atchin Tan comes alive with talks on the history of stopping places, stories on the contribution of Travellers to Glastonbury Festival’s history, and music showcasing decades and centuries of nomadic life.

By night, The Stopping Place becomes just that – a stopping place. It becomes a safe haven to catch your breath, calibrate your bearings and warm your cockles next to a fire that burns from the beginning all the way through to the ending of the festival.

This year is set to be no different, but with an even bigger programme of Romany, Irish Traveller, Roma, Traveller and nomadic creatives, academics and activists.

Fireside audience at Atchin Tan (2023)
Fireside audience at Atchin Tan (2023)

Every morning during Glastonbury, Atchin Tan will have a series of moving image and film on show, with archival, documentary and art pieces providing a fresh perspective on Gypsy and Traveller experiences, ahead of the day’s packed-out programme.

Glasto Wednesday (26 June) will kick off with a series of short films, and music from Irish Traveller powerhouse Trish Reilly and infamously ‘funtastic’ Freedom For the Travelling People (FFTP for short – bonus points if you know what ‘FFTP’ originally stood for…).

Shortly after, Romany journalist and author of The Stopping Places, Damian Le Bas will take us on a journey on how his bestseller came to be, drawing on Damian’s undeniably captivating prose.

Thomas McCarthy needs little introduction. A stalwart member of the Irish Traveller community, Thomas’ unique talent for bringing to life centuries of on-the-road storytelling, art and rhythm, is bound to captivate those bearing witness.

Shortly after, Appleby Festival’s Billy Welch will join scholar and human rights activist Dr Sindy Joyce to explore the histories and experiences of Romany Gypsy and Irish Traveller communities, and how you can show meaningful solidarity in a social and political environment that is too often hostile to nomadic communities.

Artwork on Atchin Tan's column by Elijah Vardo at Glastonbury 2023
Artwork on Atchin Tan’s column by Elijah Vardo at Glastonbury 2023

Throughout the week, the talks and music will continue, with Martin Furey, John Doe, LGBTQ+ Traveller Pride, Bob Knight, Brewer’s Daughter, and Bela Varadi taking you on an exploration of personal stories, experiences, music, histories and cultures.

You can catch Trish Reilly, performing at Atchin Tan throughout the week, who is not only a singer-songwriter in her own right, but also relative of the well-known traditional singer John Jacko Reilly. Many of her family’s songs have been carried down for generations and are held in University College Dublin and The Irish Music Archives. Certainly not one to miss.

Scottish singer and guitarist from Aberdeen, Bob Knight is related, through his mother, to all the great Traveller singers from North East Scotland, including Jeannie Robertson, Lizzie Higgins, and the Stewarts of Blair. Make sure to catch Bob’s storytelling session on Glasto Thursday at 16:15pm!

Son of the Furey brothers, a big Irish Traveller family and cornerstones of traditional Irish folk, Martin Furey will be performing at Atchin Tan on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, but make sure to check out the programme for exact timings!

Thomas McCarthy, Bob Knight, Damian Le Bas will team up with Nikki James at 12:30 on the Friday for a lively discussion on the significance and use of language, and its impact on real lives.

Later on the Friday, LGBTQ+ Traveller Pride will spend the best part of an hour discussing lived experiences of LGBTQ+ Gypsy and Traveller people, situated within one of the most under-discussed intersectionalities

Come Saturday (29th June), the day will begin with a Damian Le Bas and Travellers’ Times discussion on the making of Realities Checked film, helping cut through the tabloid narratives and offering a new conversation on Traveller experiences of crime.

In the afternoon, Roma photographer Bela Varadi, whose work featured prominently throughout Glastonbury 2023, will discuss their work on documenting Gypsy, Traveller and Roma lives through photography.

To round up the week, on Sunday, the Atchin Tan provides the chance to hear from Romany artist and Turner prize nominee Delaine Le Bas, for a deep dive into her practice, background, and inspirations, in conversation with Travellers’ Times. Delaine Le Bas will also be creating new artwork to feature in the Unfairground’s main entryway. The artist, whose nominated work features at Vienna’s Secession exhibition, works in a transdisciplinary way – combining various art forms to address questions of nationhood, land, and belonging, as well as her own community’s heritage and history.

You can also check out the Atchin Tan musicians for two takeovers at the Unfairground – for the opening night on Thursday from 20.00 on the Flying Bus Stage, and on Saturday from 13.00 in the Blind Tiger.

There’s a whole host of activities, performances, talks, workshops, and discussions to be had at Atchin Tan, so make sure to stop by. Whether you want to catch your breath, or to find out some of the reasons people live on the road, make sure to stop by Atchin Tan at the top of Theatre & Circus — See you at Glastonbury, 2024!

Atchin Tan lineup poster
Atchin Tan 2024 lineup poster · Design: Elijah Vardo

Other Glasto News

Glastonbury Festival finally revealed the full line-up including stage splits and times for its 2024 event across more than 100 stages earlier this month (4th June), allowing ticket-holders to start planning their gig-going across the vast site — and those at home to prepare their watching and listening schedule via the BBC coverage.

Meanwhile, the first public version of the Glastonbury 2024 map was revealed on the 24th of May, ahead of this year’s highly anticipated festival, detailing some updates and changes to this year’s iteration.

The Festival also announced that the iconic Carhenge installation which returned to the Festival last year (36 years after Joe Rush first built the original sculpture at the event in 1987), will return once again to Worthy Farm this summer

Elsewhere, Block9 revealed its exciting programme for Glastonbury 2024 last month (24th May), with a roaring roster of acts and the return (after a five-year hiatus) of brutalist giant and outdoor dance arena, Genosys — alongside legendary venues NYC Downlow, Meat Rack, and IICON.

Block9's Genosys at Glastonbury 2014
Block9’s Genosys (2014) · Credit: Peter Podrowski

Arcadia also unveiled their 2024 line-up last month (22nd May), featuring a giant Dragonfly that will replace the Festival’s legendary Spider for this year’s edition.

The cinema tent, also known as Pilton Palais, then revealed its film and Q&A line-up for 2024 on the 20th of May, before Unfairground did so on the 17th of May, which followed Strummerville‘s reveal on the 16th of May.

The Free University of Glastonbury also dropped their programme on the 16th of May, saying: “It’s here! A selection of brilliant minds spewing words of wisdom and sultry sounds, to feed those hungry (and likely hungover) brains throughout the festival weekend… What a weekend it’s set to be.”

Before that, The Park area announced their line-up on the 15th of May at 12 noon, while confirming two new venues for this summer’s event; The Wishing Well and Scissors — which will replace the legendary Rabbit Hole, after 17 years of activity on site.

The Poetry & Words team also released their line-up poster for 2024 via their official Facebook page on the 14th of May – along with revealing some exciting plans for a new Spoken Word Theatre, which you can read all about here.

Other poster bills already released include Glasto Latino (13th May), Croissant Neuf (8th May), Theatre & Circus (6th May), KIdzfield (4th May), The Common (3rd May), Left Field (1st May), Woodsies (30th April), Silver Hayes (29th April), West Holts (26th April), The Glade (22nd April), Shangri-La (19th April), Field of Avalon (16th April) and Acoustic Stage – which was the first area to kick off the string of area announcements on the 12th of April.

Glastonbury 2024 lineup poster, designed by Stanley Donwood.
Glastonbury 2024 lineup poster · design: Stanley Donwood

Site Updates & Changes

Some other exciting updates and changes for Glastonbury 2024 include the introduction of a brand-new stage in the Shangri-La area, called Arrivals, which will be dedicated entirely to South Asian talent — as well as a renamed Peace stage (formerly Truth).

Silver Hayes will introduce a reimagined version of the former WOW stage in the form of a new indoor space called Assembly — in addition to a new wellness area called Room that will feature sound baths, meditation, yoga and more.

Other changes for 2024 include the new Tree Stage in the Woodsies area which is being described as: “A new outdoor venue, set beneath an oak tree décor canopy, zeroing into the immersive, ambient and experimental” — while The Park area has announced the departure of its legendary Rabbit Hole, which will make way for two brand-new venues; The Wishing Well and Scissors.

Glastonbury Camping Guide

When camping at Glastonbury Festival, remember; Each campsite has its pluses and minuses and every person has their varied wants and needs — it’s not a “one size fits all” scenario.

Your Glastonbury ticket price includes access to all the camping fields, which means you can choose to pitch your tent anywhere within the designated camping zones that reside throughout the Festival fields — spanning from right next to the Pyramid Stage, to more tranquil areas on the outskirts of the Festival.

Click here to view our comprehensive guide to choosing the best place for you to camp at Glastonbury Festival.

Some camping fields have a direct view of the Pyramid Stage like Big Ground, Row Mead or Kidney Mead
Some camping fields have a direct view of the Pyramid Stage like Big Ground or Kidney Mead · Credit: Collette Warren

Glastonbury Food Stalls

Glastonbury is well known for being the best music and arts festival in the world, but some would say it should also be considered one of the best food festivals around.

With almost 800 vendors and traders in total, of which approximately 400 are solely food-based, the Markets have become a major attraction in their own right, as the Festival now offers some of the tastiest eats on the planet and is without a doubt a foodie’s heaven.

Click here to view our daily updated list of food stalls that have been confirmed for Glastonbury 2024, so far.

Glastonbury vendors and traders.
Glastonbury vendors and traders.
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