New Glastonbury map reveals 2024 Festival updates and changes

New Glastonbury map reveals 2024 Festival updates and changes

The new Glastonbury map is finally here and it's full of exciting additions and omissions


Glastonbury officials have released the first public version of the Glastonbury 2024 map ahead of this year’s highly anticipated festival.

The new Glastonbury map, which became available to view via the Festival’s official website yesterday afternoon (23rd May), features a number of changes and adjustments – with most of the updates aimed at more accurately reflecting the actual representation on the ground across the Worthy Farm site.

Although you can now view the first public version of the Glastonbury 2024 map by clicking here, do keep in mind that as in previous years, the map usually tends to go through several (minor) iterations between the time of its initial publication and the Festival taking place.

Looking at this year’s map in comparison to last year’s one [2023], we’ve highlighted each of the updates and changes below — broken down by individual areas and stages.


  • Spider out. Dragonfly in. — Departure of Arcadia’s Spider making way for the new Dragonfly, as well as a more true-to-life smaller representation in the publicly-permitted area around the stage on the 2024 map.
  • New toilets — Now visible in the surrounding Arcadia area.

Silver Hayes and The Reach:

  • BBC Introducing — Shifting slightly across the path to the other side.
  • Wow out. Assembly in. — Now shown on the map, Assembly; A reimagined version of the former Wow stage, described as a “new indoor space”.
  • The Information and Firmly Rooted Soundsystem — Both now showing on the map.
  • The Hive — Now also represented on the map (south of BBC Introducing).


  • Tree Stage —  Now officiated and showing as a big blue dot on the map, possibly implying it will be a pretty large stage; described as being: “A new outdoor venue, set beneath an oak tree décor canopy, zeroing into the immersive, ambient and experimental”.
  • Minor pathways changes.

The Park:

  • Rabbit Hole replacement — Although not yet titled on the map, the two new blue dots adjacent to Sweet Charity depict the exiting of the legendary Rabbit Hole, making way for brand-new venues; The Wishing Well and Scissors.
  • Minor Park Stage realignment on the map.
  • Bottle fillers — repositioning.

Avalon, Greenpeace and The Glade:

  • Avalon Tent — Minor shift back northwards.
  • Greenpeace Tree — Now represented on the map.
  • Glade Stage — Minor repositioning, seemingly opening up more space in that area.
  • New toilets — Between Glade and West Holts.

South East Corner:

  • New connecting access to SE Corner off Avalon.
  • Block9’s IICON — Minor relocation eastwards on the 2024 map.
  • Shangri-La’s new Arrivals Stage — Now officiated on map.
  • Additional stage map omissions and additions — Presumably to more accurately represent real-world conditions and changes on the ground.
  • New toilets — In Block9.
  • Bottle fillers — repositioning.

William’s Green and Babylon Uprising:

  • Carhenge — Now depicted on the 2024 map as a blue circular ring (as you’d expect).
  • William’s Green — Although titled both in the 2023 and 2024 versions of the map, the latter now has a new blue dot (presumably representing a stage of sorts).
  • Babylon Uprising — Now depicted on the map southwest of the Bandstand (near the pharmacy).

Row Mead and Cockmill Meadow:

  • Row Mead — Remains non-camping (keeping the ‘Elton extension’ from 2023).
  • Cockmill Meadow (family campsite) — now has more room with a new area called Ash Tree (family campsite).

Some other changes to the map include Undle Ground now marked as NPA, and the Cyclist’s Campsite shifting slightly southwards, west to of Darble – as well as some changes to various pathways.

The Glastonbury Festival site overlooking The Park area and Ribbon Tower.
Glastonbury site overlooking The Park’s Ribbon Tower (2015) · Credit: Rachel D

Other Glasto News

Meanwhile, despite all tickets completely selling out after going up for the final re-sale in April this year, there are still several competitions currently running for the chance of winning tickets to this year’s Festival.

Glastonbury will return to Worthy Farm from June 26 to 30 this year, with Dua Lipa, Coldplay, and SZA set to headline the iconic Pyramid Stage — alongside Shania Twain who will take on the coveted Tea Time Legends Slot on the Sunday afternoon.

With only less than 35 days to go until Glastonbury opens its gates for this summer’s event next month, and with the 2024 map now public, we can expect more individual areas and stages to announce their dedicated line-ups over the coming days before the full bill including stage times hopefully gets revealed sometime at the end of May / beginning of June.

In the meantime, you can click here to view our daily updated list of acts confirmed, rumoured and unlikely to perform at Glastonbury 2024, so far.

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