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Lost disposable camera from Glastonbury 2019 reunited with owner

Lost disposable camera from Glastonbury 2019 reunited with owner

The power of a caring community…

The owner of a disposable camera found at Glastonbury 2019 has been located thanks to the caring and combined effort of the community.

A Glasto-goer by the name of Lydia, posted a tweet earlier today (February 1), saying that she had found a disposable camera at Glastonbury Festival back in 2019, and is now looking for its rightful owner.


The post had an attached photo developed from the lost-camera depicting what appears to be two friends attending the Circa Waves gig of that year – which took place between 11:50 – 12:30 on the Other Stage.

The messege read: “I found a disposable camera at Glastonbury 2019… Finally got it developed, looking for the owner so I can return their memories of when we could stand this close together!”


It took just under an hour for the camera owner to be located after the mentioned tweet was shared countless times.

A person by the name of Laura said: “I know the guy on the left, he used to work with me. I’ve messaged his girlfriend”

While another pointed out that “he’s been found”.


This isn’t the first time the community comes together to help reunite a lost Glasto camera with its owner.

Last year a couple who was said to have lost their camera at Glastonbury 2011 containing all their photos, had their camera returned to them thanks to a good Glasto samaritan.

These kind of stories are a strong testament that the community can come together better than ever, even during a global pandemic and ongoing challenging times.

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