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Michael Eavis discusses plans for Glastonbury 2022

Michael Eavis discusses plans for Glastonbury 2022

“We’ve got a good team of people to help with the show this year”

Glastonbury founder Michael Eavis has discussed some of the plans for the 2022 Festival (and beyond), in an interview that took place at The Pilton Working Men’s Club in Somerset earlier this week (5 February).

While speaking to BBC Somerset Radio’s Andy Bennett, Eavis confirmed that Glastonbury is “definitely happening” this year and spoke about the return of director Melvin Benn to the Festival ranks, saying: “We’ve got a good team of people to help with the show this year… and I got Melvin back… That’s a great help to me really,”

Adding: “He worked for me for 10 years, from 2002, and he came when he was a youngster… when he was about 18 he worked for me […] I trained him up and he’s the boss of Live Nation now and I’m so pleased to get him back – that’s really important for the Festival, to get it done properly,”

Alongside TV presenter and music agent Gina Akers and Lisa Pickering who runs the Field of Avalon at Glastonbury Festival, both Michael Eavis and interviewer Andy Bennett were part of the panel of judges at The Pilton Stage competition which was taking place that evening at The Pilton Working Men’s Club.

Speaking about the challenges posed by coronavirus – which will be part of Melvin’s responsibility for the 2022 Festival – Eavis said: “[Melvin will deal with] whether we need a pass or not in order to come through the gates […] – While adding that “at the moment there is no need for COVID passports… but you never know,”.

Remembering the Festival’s longtime commercial director Robert Richards, who sadly passed away last month (12 January), Eavis said: “I lost Robert Richards unfortunately… Robert was a great help to me and he died about two weeks ago… He was a top chap, a top operator, he got things done; like the village shop and the Co-op deal; social housing – all the important things locally […] he made it happen,”

The legendary dairy farmer also revealed that the Foo Fighters were set to play the Equinox event which was scheduled to take place in September of 2021 before it too (like the main Festival) regrettably had to be cancelled due to the pandemic.

Eavis also mentioned the Festival’s Worthy Farm Reserve Cheddar cheese which was launched earlier last year and has been a huge success, while also saying that a lot of bands are phoning to ask if they can get some of the cheese.

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An example of a band that loves the new cheddar cheese is The Chemical Brothers, whose Ed Simons shared a photo of earlier this year to his personal Instagram account.

Looking ahead to 2023 and the future of Glastonbury Festival, Michael confirmed that all the headliners are already in place for the next two years!

You can listen back to the full 7 and a half minute-long interview on BBC Sounds here.

Glastonbury 2022 is set to take place at its natural home in Worthy Farm, Pilton, Somerset, from Wednesday 22nd to Sunday 26th June.

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