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A new (unofficial) Glastonbury Festival Podcast for your listening

A new (unofficial) Glastonbury Festival Podcast for your listening

If you love Glastonbury, and you like podcasts – you’ll definitely enjoy the new “GlastoCast

Many previous attempts at launching a Glastonbury Festival related podcast have been made over the years, some more engaging than others – with the newest ‘kid on the block’ being dubbed GlastoCast.

The GlastoCast podcast is the brainchild of three friends (Miguel Schertel, Jessi Dimmock, and Rob Martin) who all just happened to have met at the hallowed fields of Worthy Farm.

The London-based trio decided to take their passion for Glastonbury Festival one step further after a few pub afternoon discussions of realising that they have the right skills to make it happen, and thus, GlastoCast was born.

The group of three proclaim to aim their podcast at newcomers to the Pilton festival while also catering to Glasto veterans alike – with the goal being, to share their knowledge, stories and love for Glasto by combining their years of festival attendance experience.


Listening to the podcast, one cannot but indulge in the enthusiasm this group of friends emanate towards the Worthy Farm festival.

The first 6 episodes (aka season 1) will be geared towards how to prepare, what things to bring etc… while season 2 is set to feature line-up chat, different areas, and stories of how the festival has evolved over the years – so a lot to look forward to!

You can tune in to the podcast via their website or through any of the major listening platforms (iTunes, Spotify, Soundcloud, etc).

Happy listening!

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