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Could Noel Gallagher be set for playing Glastonbury 2020?

Could Noel Gallagher be set for playing Glastonbury 2020?

Noel Gallagher against a white wall

The Chief mentioned Glastonbury in a recent interview while talking about his opening act Confidence Man

Noel Gallagher said his supporting act Confidence Man are going to be at “Glastonbury this year [2020]”, in what almost sounded like him being very close to also letting it slip that so will he.

In an interview with Steve Lamacq on BBC Radio 6 Music earlier this month (December 6) –  Gallagher was talking about Australian-based band Confidence Man, how much he likes their music and that once he heard they are “going to be at Glastonbury this year [2020]” – he told them: “Well… I’m doing gigs around that time, instead of going into Glastonbury, come and open up for me…”

Perhaps we’re reading too much into this, but looking at both NGHFB and Confidence Man’s perfectly sized Glasto-shaped gap in their schedules, in addition to listening to the interview (see below) – one could definitely assume that both bands will be playing Glastonbury’s 50th anniversary in 2020.

NGHFB 2020 tour dates (over Glastonbury weekend)
Confidence Man 2020 tour dates (over Glastonbury weekend)

You can listen to Noel’s full interview on BBC Sounds – he mentions Glastonbury from the 1:08:17 time-mark.

Known for being an avid Glasto fan, Noel was quoted in the Festival’s new acclaimed book – ‘Glastonbury 50‘ – saying: “Glastonbury is more important than Christmas. Glastonbury is more fun than New Year. Glastonbury can be brutal. Glastonbury can be magical. The weather? How gives a shit about the weather? No one I know. The music? Who gives a shit about the music. No one I know. Who’s headlining? Who cares? No one I know. It’s no about hippies or liberals or peace or love or politics. Although all of the above do try to highjack it from time to time. Glastonbury is whatever you want it to be. Glastonbury will change your life… and if it doesn’t then I suggest you get a fucking life!”

Meanwhile, Taylor Swift was the second headliner to be announced for the 2020 edition of the Festival – after Paul McCartney, and joins Diana Ross who was officially confirmed earlier this year as Glastonbury’s 50-anniversary ‘Legends’ slot performer – while Mike Skinner and Carl Cox are the two latest big-scale artists to self-confirm for the Festival’s 2020 bill thus far.

Despite the fact that the full line-up for Glastonbury 2020 has yet to be released – all tickets for the Festival’s 50th anniversary have now sold out, with General Admission tickets selling out in 33 minutes, following Coach + Ticket Packages which sold out in just 27 minutes.

There are still ways to go to Glastonbury next year, and in addition to being able to volunteer – there will also be a resale of any cancelled tickets in the spring, with coach + ticket packages going up for resale on April 16 – followed by a general admission tickets resale (which don’t include travel) on April 19.

Glastonbury 2020 will take place at Worthy Farm, Pilton, Somerset – from Wednesday 24th to Sunday 28th June.

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