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Paul McCartney has “a feeling” Glastonbury won’t be in his diary for 2021

Paul McCartney has “a feeling” Glastonbury won’t be in his diary for 2021

Macca has said that next year’s Glastonbury Festival would be a Covid-19 “super spreader”, and he does not expect it to go ahead.

Paul McCartney – this year’s would-be Sunday night Glastonbury headliner, does not expect the Glastonbury‘s 2021 instalment to go ahead.


Speaking to BBC Radio 4’s John Wilson earlier this morning (Friday, December 18), the former Beatle didn’t sound too confident about the prospects of next year’s event going ahead, saying: “I think they’ve cancelled Glastonbury for 2021, haven’t they?” To which Wilson replied: “I’m not sure if that’s official, but it’s not looking likely is it…”

McCartney added: “100,000 people closely packed together with flags and no masks – you know, talk about super-spreader. So you know that’s going to be difficult as to how people do that.”

Then, asked whether the Glastonbury 2021 date is in his diary, Macca replied:”Well… I’d love it to be, but I have a feeling it’s not going to.”


Earlier this week Glastonbury co-organiser Emily Eavis told the BBC that they are doing “everything we can” to ensure it takes place next year.

She said: “The hard part is understanding exactly what we’ll be planning for, and what impact that will have on what we’re able to do. But right now I’m not sure there’s anything we could do that would completely ensure we can welcome 200,000 people to spend six days in some fields in June 2021.”

Eavis also noted that if the festival could not happen in its traditional form, the organisers will consider inviting artists to perform on the farm for a series of live streams.

You can listen to the full interview on BBC Sounds, with Glastonbury being mentioned from around the 17:10 time-mark.

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