Robbie Williams says Glastonbury Festival ‘does a remarkable thing for perception’

The Angels singer’s name has recently been in and out of the 2023 Glasto Rumour Mill – almost as much as the Spice Girls

Robbie Williams has once again expressed his desire for playing at Glastonbury Festival after being asked what are his thoughts about doing the Legends (or headliner) Slot at the Worthy Farm-held event. 

Now, while sitting down for a chat with the fan podcast ‘Robbie Williams Rewind’ (4th January), the Angels singer said that although he’s “not been asked [to play Glastonbury] yet”, he knows he’d “slaughter it”.

“It’s one of those times and places where there is a reimagining of what ‘Robbie Williams’ is. Perception-wise, when you do Glastonbury, more than any other festival, perception changes.

“Diana Ross could play any festival and not get any traction, but she plays Glastonbury and everybody is talking about it. Barry Gibb, the same thing – he could play the Isle of Wight and you wouldn’t even know he’d done it, but if he plays Glastonbury, everybody knows that he does.” – Said, Williams.

He continued: “So it does a remarkable thing for perception, and I know that there would be a lot of people there who have an oblique understanding of what I am. But if they saw me do it, I think I’d take their heads off.

“I look forward to doing that if I get the opportunity because I know there are a lot of heads out there that once they see what it is, they will know, instead of having a feeling that it might be something that it isn’t.”

Williams, who up until recently was one of the main acts rumoured for playing at Glastonbury 2023, announced an ‘exclusive’ gig at the Royal Sandringham Estate (in addition to his upcoming Isle of Wight Festival date), which was said to be “one of only two UK shows next summer” – and therefore, apparently diminished the likelihood of him making an appearance at this year’s Festival. 

Williams will also be performing later this year at Bergenhus festning / Koengen, Bergen on the 22nd of June and then at Telenor Arena, in Oslo on the 24th of June – also known as the Saturday of Glastonbury 2023.

Taking all this into account, the chances of the 48-year-old singer performing at the coveted Teatime slot at Glastonbury this year now look to be rather unlikely – that said, as always, with Glasto you never really know.

The pop star, who released his record-breaking ‘XXV’ compilation earlier last year after celebrating 25 years as a solo artist, hasn’t played at the Worthy Farm-held event since he made his debut appearance at the iconic festival back in 1998.

During a different interview, with BBC Breakfast, Williams was asked whether he’d be up for making a Glasto-comeback in the form of a Legends Slot performance, to which the singer replied: “Yeah, I’d like another go-round on that stage and feel that audience and get the chance to do it.”

Williams continued: “[Glastonbury has] never really been on my radar, and obviously [I’ve] not been on their radar, either. But now I’m like, ‘Yeah, I wanna do that.”

BBC Breakfast entertainment correspondent, Colin Paterson, said at the time that Spice Girls’ Mel C had already mentioned the girl group’s name earlier in the year as a possible contender for the 2023 Legends Slot – “Oh, really?” Williams responded, adding: “The Spice Girls trumps a Robbie Williams, so maybe I’ll have to wait.”

When asked why it would mean so much to him to play Glastonbury again, Williams said: “It is the epicentre of the music world for that weekend”. You can see a clip of the interview in the video below.

The Legends Slot, often seen as being the 4th headliner slot of the Festival, takes place on the last day of Glastonbury on the Sunday afternoon.

Previous Legends who took to the Pyramid Stage to perform at the coveted slot include Diana Ross (2022), Kylie Minogue (2019), Barry Gibb (2017) and Jeff Lynne’s ELO (2016), to name a few.

Other acts who were rumoured in the frame of being possible contenders for this year’s Legends Slot include Bon Jovi (whose guitarist Richie Sambora recently teased the “possibility” of the band playing at Glastonbury 2023), as well as Roxy Music (who are now actually said to be unlikely for playing the slot).

Meanwhile, the Spice Girls, who have also been mentioned countless times over the past years in the Legends Slot context, are unlikely to be playing Worthy Farm in 2023, after Victoria Beckham ruled out a Glastonbury appearance as part of a Spice Girls reunion, following long-time speculation fuelled by her former band mates.

In addition to Emma Bunton, aka Baby Spice, also revealed in a recent interview with BBC Radio 2’s Dermot O’Leary (watch below), that the Spice Girls “have actually been asked” to play at the Festival – but said that they “won’t be doing it next year [2023]”.


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In other Glastonbury news, Arctic Monkeys and Guns N’ Roses are now looking highly likely to join already confirmed Elton John at Worthy Farm this summer as the Friday and Saturday night Glastonbury 2023 headliners (respectively), after even more fuel has been added to the fire of already very strong rumours circling the web.

As of this moment in time, Elton John is the first and only act to be officially announced for playing Glastonbury 2023 and will be taking to the Pyramid Stage on the Sunday of the Festival – 25th of June.

Although the first line-up poster doesn’t usually get revealed until the beginning of March, followed by the full line-up announcement sometime at the end of May – there are many artists who ‘self-confirm’ prior to the official announcements by divulging the news via interviews, social media or website listings to accompany the ever-growing rumours.

Along with Kraftwerk and Jack Johnson, some other acts who are rumoured for this year’s event, include The 1975 – who are once again mentioned in the Glastonbury context after speculation started gaining traction throughout the web when the Cheshire band confirmed new tour dates – leaving them wide open over the 2023 Glastonbury weekend. 

Another name that has been thrown about as a possible contender for playing at the Festival this summer includes Bon Jovi, whose guitarist Richie Sambora recently teased the “possibility” of the band playing Glastonbury 2023.

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Elsewhere, Pulp revealed dates of their upcoming reunion tour scheduled for this summer – while leaving plenty of room for a Glastonbury performance.

Eminem – which has yet to step foot at Worthy Farm – was said to be in “advanced talks” to headline the Pyramid Stage at the Festival this year, but now looks highly unlikely.

Rihanna‘s name had also been mentioned as a possible headliner for 2023, while Taylor Swift, however, has effectively ruled herself out of the run for 2023 – after announcing her long-rumoured return to the road, scheduled to hit U.S. stadiums beginning in March 2023 and running into August.

It is worth noting though that Glastonbury organiser Emily Eavis did however say last year that all three headliners for the 2023 Festival have already been booked.

Therefore, some of these rumours are obviously to be taken for what they are, rumours – as any insider claiming to know anything about anything, either have access to unreleased information or is outright mistaken.

You can now follow and stay up to date with all the latest artists that have been officially confirmed, self-confirmed or rumoured for Glastonbury 2023 via our constantly updated line-up & rumours list.

Paul McCartney headlining the Pyramid Stage at Glastonbury 2022 • Credit:

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