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Could Slade’s Noddy Holder be keen to reunite original band to play Glastonbury?

Could Slade’s Noddy Holder be keen to reunite original band to play Glastonbury?

Has the pioneering frontman said he wants to reform the band’s classic line-up to play the Festival’s Legends Slot?

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Slade‘s Noddy Holder – who was the lead singer and part of the band’s classic line-up (from 1966 until he quit in 1992) alongside keyboardist Jim Lea and drummer Don Powell – has been apparently been quoted saying he wants to get the original members back together to play the Legends Slot at Glastonbury Festival.

The band, who were formed in Wolvmemerhampton in 1966, have become festive-season-famous thanks to the enduring appeal of their 1973 number-one single ‘Merry Xmas Everybody’, which gets replayed year in year out around the holiday season.

Speaking to The Sun, Noddy reportedly said: “It would be amazing if we could work out our differences. I think we’d probably all have to go in on a coach each. Or we’d all have to have a changing room or caravan each – And maybe we’d have to have glass barriers between us on stage so that there would be no fisticuffs on stage.”

Noddy went on to explain that he fears he could face a scramble getting Dave and Don talking again after the former had fired the latter from his revamped version of the band last year [2020], saying: “I think it’s a long time before they get talking again. But that happens in rock ’n’ roll bands. If it’s not one crisis, it’s another.”

Slade’s current members include bass player John Berry who joined in 2003, vocalist and keyboard player Russell Keefe who joined in 2019 and drummer Alex Bines who joined in 2020.

Following the growing speculation about a Slade reunion after the mentioned press article in The Sun newspaper – reporting that they had an exclusive chat with Noddy Holder, in which he had revealed he wants to get back with the original Slade line-up to play the Legends Slot at Glastonbury Festival – This Slade Are For Life – Not Just For Christmas Facebook page has now stated that it has been in touch with Noddy’s manager, who confirmed to them that: “There was NO NODDY INTERVIEW with The Sun” (See screenshot of the original post below).

Meanwhile, as of the time of writing, Diana Ross and Billie Eilish are the only artists to have been officially confirmed for playing Glastonbury Festival when it returns in 2022.

Ms Ross will be taking to the Pyramid Stage for the Sunday teatime Legends Slot, while Eilish will be playing the same stage on the Friday night – which will subsequently make her the Festival’s youngest ever solo headliner.

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2022 will see Glastonbury Festival return to Worthy Farm for the first time since 2019, and with the cancellation of both the 2020 and 2021 events due to the coronavirus crisis, one could speculate that a lot of the acts which had been booked for 2020 will roll over to 2022 – As Festival founder Michael Eavis hinted back in August that the “big names” who were set to play at Glastonbury in 2020 are being lined up for next year’s event.

The first line-up poster taster for Glastonbury 2022 will probably not be unveiled by the Festival’s officials until February / March (or perhaps even the beginning of April), with the full line-up usually being unveiled towards the end of May.

That being said, there are many artists who ‘self-confirm’ prior to the official announcements, by divulging the news during interviews, via social media or website listings.

The most recent big-scale artists added to the Glasto Rumour Mill include Queens of the Stone Age, in addition to Crowded House which have confirmed themselves for a performance at the 2022 event, and Noel Gallagher who said he will be up for playing if asked.

You can view our constantly updated list of all the latest line-up announcements and rumours here.

Glastonbury 2022 is set to take place at its natural home in Worthy Farm, Pilton, Somerset, from 22nd – 26th June 2022

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