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Stereophonics announce new tour dates as they await Glastonbury headline offer

Stereophonics announce new tour dates as they await Glastonbury headline offer


Having last headlined Glastonbury back in 2002, Stereophonics are still “waiting for the offer” of topping the Glasto bill once again.

Stereophonics have announced two June shows earlier today (14th January), and by doing so reviving rumours of a Glasto return.

The Welsh band which consists of Kelly Jones, Richard Jones, Adam Zindani and Jamie Morrison, are big fans of the Worthy Farm festival.

Sitting down to chat to NME, back in November 2017, the award-winning band discussed their desire to headline Glastonbury Festival once again, with lead singer Kelly Jones saying that another Glastonbury gig was “due” for the band and that they were “waiting for the offer” from organisers Michael and Emily Eavis.

Stereophonics went on to say that they would love to headline Glastonbury again, more than anything because their memory of last time is a little blurred.


“I’d like to do Glastonbury again, definitely,” Jones continued. “I’d like to do it again because I can’t fucking remember the last time we did it. The first time we ever played the stage sunk in the mud, the second time we were on before Robbie Williams when he did the big ‘Angels’ thing, and then [after] the third time when we headlined, somebody showed be the footage and I was very impressed how far the crowd went back – but I can’t remember it. It wasn’t through being pissed. Well, maybe it was a little bit – but it was a very big moment.”

Jones added that “It’s fucking due, isn’t it? Get that out there. Fuckin’ hell – the tour has sold more than the audience for fuck’s sake.”

The Maybe Tomorrow band, formed in Wales in 1992, who last headlined the Pyramid Stage in 2002, will play at Westonbrit Arboretum in Gloucestershire on Thursday, June 13, and then at Thetford Forest in Suffolk on Sunday, June 23.

Their next gig after that is not till early July at Lytham Festival, which means there is a nice “Glasto gap” timeframe for them to pop round Pilton for a Worthy Farm appearance at the end of June in between the announced dates.

Whilst the full line-up isn’t set to be revealed until the end of March / beginning of April – Stormzy is the first headliner to be confirmed for this year’s Glastonbury Festival, along with Janelle Monae, who will headline the West Holts Stage.

It has also been confirmed that Kylie Minogue will be taking to the Sunday tea-time legends slot on the Pyramid Stage.

Glastonbury 2019 will take place between June 26 and 30 at Worthy Farm, Pilton.

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