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Stereophonics waiting on Glastonbury Festival headline offer

Stereophonics waiting on Glastonbury Festival headline offer


Having last headlined Glastonbury back in 2002, Stereophonics have expressed their appetite for topping the Glasto bill once again.

Sitting down to chat to NME, Stereophonics discussed their latest album ‘Scream Above The Sounds’ and their desire to headline Glastonbury Festival once again. Watch the video interview above.

“We headlined Reading in 1999, then we did the Saturday at Glastonbury on the Pyramid in 2002 I think,” Stereophonics’ frontman Kelly Jones told NME. “We’d done it about three times prior to that leading up to that spot at both of those festivals. Then the festivals change hands and they change things along the way. The records change obviously.

“Reading went really heavy, then it came back. The offers come and go for different ones. It was V Festival that was more suited to whatever the demographic was at the time, but we haven’t had any offers for the Glastonbury thing for a while. Up until the last few years I don’t think people were allowed to do it more than once, then Coldplay did a couple of times then Muse. All of a sudden, you’re like ‘oh, that is possible’. So, we’re waiting for the offer.”

Stereophonics went on to say that they would love to headline Glastonbury again, more than anything because their memory of last time is a little blurred.

“I’d like to do Glastonbury again, definitely,” Jones continued. “I’d like to do it again because I can’t fucking remember the last time we did it. The first time we ever played the stage sunk in the mud, the second time we were on before Robbie Williams when he did the big ‘Angels’ thing, and then [after] the third time when we headlined, somebody showed be the footage and I was very impressed how far the crowd went back – but I can’t remember it. It wasn’t through being pissed. Well, maybe it was a little bit – but it was a very big moment.”

Jones added that “It’s fucking due, isn’t it? Get that out there. Fuckin’ hell – the tour has sold more than the audience for fuck’s sake.”

Organisers have recently officially confirmed the dates for Glastonbury 2019, as 2018 is set to be a fallow year for the beloved Worthy Farm, allowing the land and wildlife time to recover.

While no acts have been confirmed for 2019 as of yet, the Eavises say they’ve already booked two of the headliners for their 50th anniversary in 2020.

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