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Victim of sexual assault thanks Glastonbury spirit power

Victim of sexual assault thanks Glastonbury spirit power

Victim of sexual assault thanks Glastonbury spirit power

A beautiful paradigm of the Glastonbury spirit helping a victim of sexual assault

Every so often you come across something on the internet which re-instills a sense of hope in you and your belief in humanity in general. Though these moments are becoming a rare necessity as the world seems to become an ever darker and scarier place to live in with every passing day, you can always count on Glastonbury Festival to restore light and hope.

A woman who has been sexually assaulted in the build-up to this year’s Glastonbury Festival has written a powerful letter of gratitude to the organisers of Glastonbury.
The breathtakingly inspirational letter thanks the organisers for their kindness and compassion in being able to facilitate an environment in which she could well and truly indulge in the Glastonbury experience, despite the recent traumatic events.

On her personal blog, Laura Whitehurst writes how she was so looking forward to her “first year ever” at Glastonbury. She goes on to describe how two months prior to the festival, two of who she thought were her friends and part of the group she was set to camp with, assaulted her. Initially, Laura contacted Glastonbury with the intention of receiving a refund – this is where the Glastonbury spirit kicks in.

[mks_icon icon=”fa-envelope” color=”#50023d” type=”fa”] Read Laura Whitehurst’s full letter here.

Both breathtakingly inspirational and extremely emotional, the letter has not left the internet apathetic, in some cases even bringing readers to tears. Below are some of Twitter user’s responses commending the festival organisers, as well as Laura’s bravery and strength for sharing her story with the world.



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