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Win last minute Glastonbury 2017 tickets – this might be your final chance…

Win last minute Glastonbury 2017 tickets – this might be your final chance…


Glastonbury Festival tickets are known to sell out as fast as you can say, Jack Robinson. The record-setting, fast selling pace is due to an overwhelming demand for this amazing Brigadoon that appears every year or so. Therefore, it is exhilarating when an eleventh-hour legitimate opportunity arises.

If you are one of those who were not able to “catch the golden snitch” you are in luck today – as BBC Radio One is putting up a pair of Glastonbury Festival tickets for grabs.

Scott Mills (standing in for Nick Grimshaw), on the Radio One breakfast show, revealed the Glastonbury competition with Annie Mac this morning (June 13). Listeners were asked to name the founder of Glastonbury Festival and were given three options.

The prize offered:
A pair of Glastonbury Festival 2017 tickets.

In order to enter the competition – answer the following question:
What is the name of the founder of Glastonbury Festival?
A – Michael Ennis
B – Michael Eavis
C – Michael Elvis

  • Entries must be submitted via text to 81199 with the keyword (GLASTO) followed by A, B or C and then your name and age.
  • 16 and 17-year-olds can enter but need permission from a parent or guardian before they do so to attend the festival.
  • Entries must be submitted by 7 pm today (June 13).
  • Winners will be chosen at random.

Winners announcement:
Competition entrants should lock in and listen out for a keyword which will be dropped during Annie Mac’s show today (June 13) at 7pm. If you’ve entered and Annie Mac calls you during her show after 7 pm, you should answer the phone by saying the keyword. If you get the keyword wrong, someone else will win the tickets! Subsequently, if no winner is found today (June 13) before 7.30pm, the prize will roll-over to tomorrow (June 14).

Good luck!

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