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13 signs you’re suffering the post-Glastonbury blues

Glastonbury Blues

Are you suffering the post-Glastonbury blues? Here are 13 signs you might just well be:

#1 – You are experiencing the “Glasto-scenes-that-hunt-your-dreams” syndrome

You Weren't There Man Glastonbury Festival 2017
[via kingofkierans]

#2 – You take pride in your sunburn


#3 – The mere thought of cutting off your Glasto wristband sends shivers down your spine

Wristband Glastonbury Festival 2017
[via olddeadeyefilm]

#4 – The Glasto BBC Red Button has become your new best friend

Homer TV

#5 – This is basically your reaction to the first sip of the day, it being not a warm cider:

Warm Cider

#6 – Going to the moon seems like nothing compared to going back to work again

Landing on the Moon

#7 – Your mates on Facebook and Instagram all hate you. No, trust us, they do

All Your Mates Hate You

#8 – You smiled at a total stranger on the tube channeling that “Glastonbury spirit” and it almost got you arrested

Getting Arrested

#9 – When you come back to civilisation and spot another human who is also still rocking the Glasto wristband:

Approval Nod

#10 – You still hold your breath for as long as you can while entering the toilet (even though there’s no need to)

Holding Breath

#11 – Your mates are all hyped for the weekend night out and invite you to come along, but you decline. Reason being, it does not look like this:

Glastonbury Festival 2017
[via rosiehermit]

#12 – All food is dull and tasteless and not served in a disposable kraft tray or wrapped in a napkin, which you now consider to be the standard

Food Glastonbury Festival 2017
[via ohsoolive]

#13 – You look at the Glasto countdown timer for next year’s Glastonbury and break into tears just to realise it is a FALLOW YEAR and THERE WILL BE NO Glastonbury next year ONLY THE YEAR AFTER THAT which means AT LEAST a 700+ day count down.
Now, you start shaking too.


Feel free to let us know if we missed any of the post-Glastonbury blues signs…

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